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"THIS IS OUR LIFE" : What shadow-flicker looks like in Kingston, MA

Dan Alves, a resident of Leland Road, refuses to allow his epileptic son to stay in his bedroom when the KWI Turbine’s shadow flicker penetrates into his house. “That’s pretty much the rule,” Alves told the Journal on Friday afternoon. “We don’t want him in his room but we’re not always home so we can’t control it.” Duration: 4 minutes 56 seconds
16 Mar 2013

Child's birthday disrupted by scituate turbine shadow

A family held hostage by turbine flicker in their own home. Saturday November 10, 2012 as they prepared to celebrate their daughter's birthday with family and friends. This video was sent to the Scituate Massachusetts Board of Health to demonstrate the strobe-like flicker which started at 1:18 pm and was apparent in every room of their home as well as the front and back yards. There was no where for the children or guests to go for relief from the flickering. The flicker stopped at 2:28 pm but only because the turbine was shut down. Duration: 32 seconds
9 Jan 2013
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