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Neighbors unhappy with windmill site, impacts

They were never officially notified by the high school, nor the Historic District Commission or any other town regulatory agency, about the project and its location. Others in the area are concerned about the impact of noise, while the father of one high-school student called the siting so close to the school and athletic fields "reckless and irresponsible."
7 Oct 2010

Wind proposal gets blowback; Board votes not to accept money

Selectmen last night voted unanimously not to accept $30,000 from First Wind ...Health Board Chairman Richard Costa and other local officials visited a facility at Mars Hill, Maine, and said he now believes the project would be wrong for Brimfield. He said residents in Maine told him stories of health issues, decreased property values, and turbine noise difficult to tolerate. "I don't really think that this project would be a good fit."
30 Sep 2010

Wind turbine criticism churns; Noise, water contamination

Mr. Anders said there are 75 homes in the Blueberry Hill neighborhood, where he lives; 30 homes along Route 16; and 15 to 20 homes on Douglas Road, all in Webster, that will be directly affected by the wind farm. Mr. Anders said he was initially in favor of the project until he started looking into it further. The more he found, "the worse it got."
14 Sep 2010

‘Reconsider this abominable bill'

Legislators, such as Senate President Murray, seem to be comfortable with the notion that we have a moral responsibility to pursue wind energy and that obliterating the quality of life - or the hopes and dreams and 30 years of love, sweat and tears that have been invested in making a house a "home" - is the price we must pay to achieve "energy independence." Easy for them to say - especially since they aren't the ones paying the price.
26 Jul 2010

Wind turbine noise: A real headache, but not why you think

"The similarity between symptoms of noise annoyance and those of wind turbines indicates that this diagnosis is not, at least according to many, a pathological effect but an example of the stress effects of exposure to noise of virtually any type," Dr. McCunney said. However, that conclusion did not sit well with several members of the audience, who said they lived near the Falmouth turbine, located at the town's wastewater treatment facility.
23 Jul 2010

Health risks from turbines downplayed

"How are we to get a sound sleep when living within a half mile from a turbine?" another audience member asked. People who live close to a turbine could close their windows or beef up their insulation, McCunney said, adding he understood that such measures may not be an option for some people. Colin Murphy, who lives on Blacksmith Shop Road in Falmouth near a 400-foot-tall turbine at the town's wastewater treatment facility, was not impressed. "All his studies are a mile or a mile and a half away. We're a quarter-mile away."
16 Jul 2010

Moon Island wind turbine proposal draws questions from residents

More than 75 Quincy residents gathered at Squantum Elementary School on Monday to question officials about a wind turbine ..."I'm a total believer in wind power, but at what point does solving one environmental issue create another?" said Steve Kolander of Squantum, adding he would prefer several smaller turbines with less of a visual impact on the island.
25 May 2010

Turbine hits turbulence

The noise being generated by the town's wind turbine at the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Blacksmith Shop Road may be nothing when compared to the noise generated by a group of disgruntled residents living nearby who are upset about how the machine has impacted their quality of life. Described as making a noise similar to the sound of a jet hovering over one's property, the machine has not only caused sleepless nights for some and affected residents' health but also potentially impacted their homes' property values.
14 May 2010

Falmouth turbine noise fuels debate

They described the sound as a jet hovering or an old boot tumbling in a dryer. But the noise from Falmouth's wind turbine doesn't have to be loud to be disruptive, resident Todd Drummey said last night. "A mosquito isn't loud either when you're trying to sleep," he said at a meeting in a private home located about one-third of a mile from the nearly 400-foot tall turbine that started operation in March. "It's irritating."
14 May 2010

Wind farm in South Plymouth draws negative response from neighbors

Plans for a wind farm on Head of the Bay Road are creating turbulence in South Plymouth with the landowner and neighbors at odds over the impact on their quality of life. After nearly four hours of presentations and discussion, the Planning Board decided to continue Monday's discussion of the request for a special permit for the wind farm and wind energy facility until next Monday night.
5 May 2010

How the wind blows in Vinalhaven

Mr. Hall said General Electric told residents that from 1,000 feet away, the wind turbine noise would sound like a quiet conversation taking place in a living room. Instead, he described the turbines' sound as a "palpable experience," with rhythmic pulsations he can feel thumping in his chest as the blades turn. Other people interviewed in the film clips likened the turbines' whooshing sound to a jet airplane heard off in the distance.
29 Apr 2010

Residents try to beat down North Harwich wind turbines

A boisterous crowd of residents came to the community center on Saturday charging town officials are trying to use "a shoehorn" to place two commercial wind turbines on public lands surrounding their neighborhoods in North Harwich. Many of the nearly 200 people attending a wind turbine information forum sponsored by town officials raised objections to the proposal.
21 Apr 2010

The meaning of a wind turbine reversal

At the time it seemed clearly the right thing for a progressive little town to do in these times of concern over climate change, especially if it makes the town a bunch of money. ...So what's changed? A persistent group of opponents, mostly nonresidents, seem to have been successful in reminding us that some land is better used when not used at all in the practical sense. That sometimes aesthetic and recreational value trumps even a virtuous, green use
20 Apr 2010

Historic sites watchdog urges refusal for Cape Wind

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar should not grant permission to the Cape Wind Offshore wind project proposed for Nantucket Sound, off the coast of Massachusetts, a federal agency said on Friday. The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation published its formal advice to the Department of the Interior stating that in its opinion, Secretary Salazar should not approve the project.
5 Apr 2010
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