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Turbines on hold

Orleans, MA. Is the wind turbine project proposed for the watershed to provide electricity to the iron and manganese plant in danger? According to board of water commissioners chairman Kenneth McKusick, the answer is yes.
26 May 2006

New wind farm storm gathers

The proposal, Isaksen said, made her think of battles to keep out a landfill and sewage treatment plant. And now here comes Jay M. Cashman, a prominent Boston developer, with his plans to build 120 wind turbines in the bay, each of which would rise 450 feet into the air, with some as close as 2 miles to shore
25 May 2006

Buzzards Bay wind farm proposed

The proposed sites are about three to four miles off the coast of Sconticut Neck in Fairhaven, Barneys Joy in Dartmouth and Naushon Island, one of the Elizabeth Islands. An estimated 30 to 40 turbines would be erected at each of the three sites.
23 May 2006

Tilting at Windmills

When you consider the costs and risks of an offshore wind farm, and the fact that New England does not need more power, the project becomes nonsensical, a giant boondoggle for the benefit of one developer.
22 May 2006

Wind Farm becomes part of MMS hearings

WASHINGTON, DC -- When the Minerals Management Service of the US Department of Interior kicked off its national scoping process for "Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Renewable Energy and Alternative Use" on Thursday, May 18, the Cape Wind controversy immediately moved to center stage.
21 May 2006

Regional power plan fairness questioned

Maine's largest energy provider is forecasting record-breaking electricity use this summer, as well as a need for additional supply lines to feed an ever-increasing demand. But a solution planned by ISO New England -- which manages electricity distribution in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont -- is being met with skepticism by Maine officials, who question the proposal's need and fairness.
19 May 2006

Catching knots for watts - As energy costs rise, more towns along the coast look at wind power

''What has created quite a lot of angst is the second one in Hull," said John Tzimorangas, general manager of the town's light plant, who said interest has been revived in alternative energy recently. ''Hull Two is a very good-looking turbine for what you want it to do, but when the project was approved, folks around Hingham Harbor were not pleased, because it does impede the view across the harbor. My guess is [that windmill] will make it a hair harder" to get support for a similar project in Hingham.
18 May 2006

Delahunt proposes research zones for offshore energy

Someday the waters off Cape Cod could be a giant ocean laboratory with zones earmarked for renewable energy research. Certain sections of state and federal waters could boast state-of-the art wind turbines and the latest in wave energy technology. The research stations could be built by private, royalty-paying companies with the blessings of local governments.
18 May 2006

Council gives air to wind study

A proposal to ask LNR Property Construction to gauge wind speeds at the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station by District 3 councilor Kenneth DiFazio got a breezy discussion by councilors before it approved the request by an 8-3 vote on Monday.
17 May 2006
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