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Japan-based bank to back Cape Wind

Given the high cost of Cape Wind, several banks will need to be lined up, Zaelke said, adding that the process could take between 30 and 90 days from when the lead bank is named. Cape Wind officials have said they hope to begin construction this year, which is necessary for the company to benefit from the federal production tax credit that expires Dec. 31.
20 Feb 2013

Wind turbine allowed, with restrictions

Although Town Meeting has voted to approve and finance the turbine project, officials now have to decide whether to proceed with construction. "Now we have some empirical data to go through to see if there is any way to make that wind turbine project work on those limited hours," said Thomas Hurley, chairman of Milton's Board of Selectmen. "Is it worth it?"
17 Feb 2013

Hanover fires turbine contractor

Hanover Town Manager Troy Clarkson announced to selectmen Monday night that the town would terminate its contract with Lumus Construction, the builder of its wind turbine. Clarkson said the contract needed to be terminated because the company still hasn't managed to get the turbine up and running. The project was originally pegged for completion nearly two years ago.
30 Jan 2013

WIND POWER DEBATE: Turbine study not dismissed

While wind turbine advocates aren't happy with Nissenbaum's study, no court case was dismissed or contested it or its findings on the effect of industrial wind turbines on people living within close proximity to them. "It has not been refuted and is not refutable by prior studies," Nissenbaum said. "This study, in fact, seems to confirm known science and known plausible pathways resulting in disease."
26 Jan 2013

No word from Kingston Wind Independence

Tuesday night, Prospect Street resident Mark Wheeler told the Board of Selectmen that he had not heard from Ruiz, although he had done as requested and submitted medical evidence of harm to his family. He said they are asking for some relief, and he's losing faith that the government will deliver.
25 Jan 2013

Finance Committee looking ahead to Falmouth’s fiscal cliff

He then returned to his concerns about the wind turbines, asking Mr. Suso if his sustainable model assumed the machines would be running all the time. “Yes,” Mr. Suso said, adding that currently “we are running at a net loss. We’d go bankrupt and it would put us out of business” if that were to continue. He said the turbines are designed to be operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
22 Jan 2013

Two heads are better than one

The impetus for the escalation of health concern is born from inadequacies of zoning regulations recommended by wind energy promoters. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, a quasi-state agency focused on renewable energy development, has authored a state supported Wind Turbine Model Bylaw for municipalities considering wind energy projects. This is heralded as the state standard, yet more and more local boards of health are in a quandary.
21 Jan 2013

Dennis turbine trial ends; Judge will deliberate

"I am the very definition of a person aggrieved." Rosemarie Austin, co-defendant in the Aquacultural Research Corporation vs. Old King's Highway Regional Historic District Commission trial in Orleans District Court this week, repeated these words throughout her closing statement shortly before noon on Thursday, Jan. 17.
18 Jan 2013

Shellfish hatchery fights for turbine

A shellfish hatchery's effort to build a wind turbine near Chapin Memorial Beach in Dennis was back in Orleans District Court on Monday, with the company's vice president and co-owner arguing that the turbine would be a "financial security blanket" in the face of rising energy costs.
15 Jan 2013

Military base having trouble with German-made wind turbine

It is currently estimated that it will now take the wind turbine approximately 10 years, or until 2019, to pay for its cost. That might be extended to 11 or 12 years, if the gearbox needs to be replaced. Douglas C. Karson, AFCEC community involvement lead, said a rough estimate of the cost of that replacement is between $300,000 and $500,000.
13 Jan 2013

Falmouth wind study coming to a head

A draft recommendation dated Jan. 4 that was obtained by the Times details energy, financial and health impacts - as well as uncertainties - for the three suggested options: running the turbines without curtailment; curtailing operation; or replacing the turbines with solar panels.
9 Jan 2013
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