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Wind power now competitive with conventional sources

The agreements forecast further growth for the wind industry as the willingness of utilities to make long-term commitments makes it easier for developers to obtain financing for more wind farms. That, in turn, would probably lead to new conflicts in rural areas, where large-scale industrial wind farms are typically sited.
23 Sep 2013

Falmouth turbine 'solution' requires state aid

If the state doesn't bring financial aid to the table, the town's latest attempt to balance its finances, a desire for clean energy and the comfort of the turbines' neighbors could unravel. Falmouth wants the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to forgive a $1 million renewable energy certificate, and state agencies to convert a $4.8 million construction loan into a grant.
19 Sep 2013

Hanover wind turbine close to operational but not quite

The process of constructing the 210-foot-tall turbine at the site of the town's water treatment plant off Route 53 has been beset by problems, which have set the town at odds with the company it hired to assemble the structure. ..."This is one of the most frustrating public construction projects I've been involved with in my 20 years."
18 Sep 2013

Kingston's turbine zoning talks continue

Town counsel has suggested Kingston consider a moratorium on new wind turbines as the science of measuring sound evolves. Having spoken with counsel, Bouchard said he supports the idea of a moratorium, but for practical reasons, not based on emotion, because the board represents the whole town. "The moratorium would protect us until the science catches up," he said.
14 Sep 2013

Blowing in the Wind

"Wind turbines carry uniquely disturbing low-frequency noises and over time, these noises cannot be tuned out, like white noise can. Wind turbine noise, in studies, has been shown to be the second-worst kind of noise, next to railroad shunting. Wind turbine noise ... doesn't allow a human being to relax."
27 Aug 2013

Dennis-Yarmouth solar plan in limbo

Proponents of an ambitious solar project proposed for Dennis and Yarmouth schools are impatiently waiting for the Yarmouth Zoning Board of Appeals to formally file its Aug. 8 denial of the plan's special permit. Once the decision is on record with the town clerk, proponents can appeal it in court, if they choose.
20 Aug 2013

Falmouth eyes wind mitigation funding

The half-day operation also costs the town more to run the turbines than they generate in revenue, and has depleted the $1 million reserve fund built up by their earlier operation. As a result, Suso said, the town has no cushion to pay for an unexpected malfunction or mechanical problem that would take the turbines offline.
13 Aug 2013

Opposing wind turbine groups form PACs

A PAC can pool campaign contributions from members and use them to promote candidates, ballot initiatives or legislation. Mr. Pottel said the "slogan," Fairhaven Cares stemmed from one the issues involving the wind turbines, that it is important for public officials to care about the concerns of residents and listen to them.
8 Aug 2013

Wind farm developer takes case to Tiverton

Tiverton residents need only look across the Mount Hope Bay to see a cautionary tale. The $1 million turbine owned by the town of Portsmouth, R.I., is broken and stalled and visible on the western horizon. "Those of us who have been around for a while have seen the saga of wind energy."
30 Jul 2013

Upper Cape Tech School scraps its wind turbine

Mr. Dutch said he determined that the effort and expense of continually repairing the machine was not worth it, given that the machine was not functioning as a training aid and the small amount of electricity it generated. Further, Upper Cape Tech now is concentrating on teaching its students about solar power.
26 Jul 2013

Wind farm opponents sue Coast Guard

The alliance wants to determine if the Coast Guard, like the Federal Aviation Administration, was under political pressure to go easy on Cape Wind, Parker said, referring to accusations last year by GOP lawmakers and Cape Wind's opponents that President Barack Obama's administration exerted influence on the FAA to approve the project.
13 Jul 2013
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