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Benefits of offshore wind in short supply

It is remarkable Maryland has proceeded so far without a benefit / cost assessment. Even though the whole point is to reduce electric power system emissions, there has been no evaluation of the impact of the wind farm on electric power system CO2, SO2 and NOx emissions. There has been no evaluation of system-wide cost; how much will Maryland offshore wind increase electric bills?
4 Dec 2010

Financing, tax credits will determine if Maryland's energy future is blowin' in the wind

If things go as planned, Delaware could be the first state in the U.S. to develop an offshore wind farm. NRG Bluewater Wind estimates it will take two years to obtain necessary permits ...Funding also may impact the project's timeline. Delaware's 200-megawatt offshore wind farm is estimated to cost $1.2 billion. Renewal of a federal tax credit for wind projects and approval of an application for a federal loan guarantee will be key, executives say.
18 Dec 2009

The real deal on renewable energy

In any reasonable calculus, the state should insist that electricity be reliable, affordable to all, and secure. Moreover, it should aim to replace aging electricity infrastructure with systems that produce high levels of capacity value. And it should seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in electricity production. So-called "renewables" like wind and solar are inimical to all these goals.
18 Dec 2009

Great Questions...

This ruling also puts the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, an agency whose mission includes the protection of endangered species, in an awkward position. Current Maryland law exempts any industrial wind plant project from a comprehensive environmental review process if its generating capacity is limited to 70MW or less. This exemption was passed two years ago after being pushed by Wayne Rogers, a well-connected entrepreneur who has been a generous donor to Democratic campaigns across the state and the country, is a former state Democratic Party chairman, served as chairman of Governor O'Malley's Energy Transition Team, and just happens to be president of Synergics LLC, the company that will build one of the two approved projects in Garrett County.
17 Dec 2009

Offshore wind farm interest gauged

State energy officials are gauging interest from developers who would build an offshore farm of electricity-generating, skyscraper-sized wind turbines off the Worcester coastline. "The question is, how do we tap into the wind resources that we've got?" said Maryland Energy Administration Director Malcolm D. Woolf.
21 Sep 2009

Md. turning to offshore wind energy

The state began its pursuit of offshore wind generation Tuesday, a move that could lead to building 400-foot-tall turbines off Ocean City. The Maryland Energy Administration asked wind developers to express their interest in building industrial-size windmills a dozen or more miles off the state's 31-mile coastline. At the same time, the energy agency said it is launching a study to gauge the economic viability and environmental impact of such a project.
16 Sep 2009

Realism, not arrogance, needed in matter of US Wind Force

Once again, you have made a farce out of the democratic process by remaining silent and secretive over the past seven years while avoiding a reasonable moratorium or making any comment on this matter until the last several weeks. Some serious realism and a sense of public purpose is needed, and not the arrogant and incompetent actions that seem to permeate this administration.
5 May 2009

Commissioners must act to regulate wind farm industry

As taxpayers of Allegany County, Maryland and residents of Harwood Subdivision located adjacent to the proposed Dan's Mountain Wind Project, we are in favor of zoning regulations for industrial wind farms and support Code Home Rule Bill No. 2-09. The proposed regulations will play a vital role in providing protection to property owners that presently does not exist.
26 Apr 2009

Back to square one ...

Recently, Senate Bill 771, which would set up a study committee in the legislature to formulate statewide performance standards for industrial wind turbines, died in the House of Delegates without even the courtesy of a committee vote. As you will recall, this proposal by Senator Edwards received a favorable Senate Finance Committee vote and a 45-0 vote from the full Senate. This means that there are no safety, health or environmental protections against industrial wind turbines at the local or state level.
25 Apr 2009

State delays OK for wind turbines along shoreline; St. Mary's set rules to allow them

St. Mary's County Commission President Francis Jack Russell (D) met with the Chesapeake Bay Critical Areas Commission last week where he hoped the local ordinance allowing personal wind turbines on the county's shoreline would find little resistance. But the state put another 90-day hold on the ordinance. The local process began a year ago in April and wind turbines were approved in the county zoning ordinance in December.
8 Apr 2009

Bill on energy regulation faces hurdles in House

Legislation aiming to put Maryland back toward regulating electricity supply in Maryland is facing turbulence and hurdles in the House of Delegates. The bill, which has the backing of Gov. Martin O'Malley, seeks to return authority over supply that was lost by the state's Public Service Commission after Maryland lawmakers deregulated electricity markets in 1999.
29 Mar 2009

Spiggle: Wind energy ‘doesn't reduce greenhouse gases'

Wayne Spiggle is like many people who feel that harnessing the wind's energy to generate electricity is "a good thing." "But when you realize that to do that changes the character of our traditional, natural landscape, most people want to know that it's worthwhile to sacrifice that," said Spiggle, president of the Mineral County (W.Va.) Commission. Spiggle said an apparent lack of investors and a low efficiency rating combine to compel him to question the viability of industrial wind energy facilities.
28 Mar 2009

House Economic Matters Committee rejects Beitzel's wind turbine bills

The 426th session of the Maryland General Assembly is winding down in Annapolis. But with just a little more than two weeks left, numerous bills introduced by local lawmakers have either not yet been acted upon or died in committees. All of the wind turbine related bills introduced by Del. Wendell Beitzel received unfavorable reports from the House Economic Matters Committee last week. The bills would have provided local and statewide standards for commercial turbines.
26 Mar 2009

Commission hears arguments on wind energy zoning regulations

They were outnumbered more than 2-to-1. The people who spoke Thursday evening in favor of amendments to Allegany County's zoning code regarding wind energy - 15 people - were far fewer than those who opposed them - 37 people. But 70 percent of the people who wanted the county commissioners to reject wind energy restrictions were not from Allegany County or a contiguous county.
20 Mar 2009

Fast-track plan likely in for a slow pace

In a typically airless conference room in downtown Baltimore yesterday, the Public Service Commission fast-tracked a proposal for a wind farm in Western Maryland. "Fast," though, is a relative term given that developers have as long as three years to start construction and five for the first turbine to actually start harnessing those mountain breezes and turning them into electricity.
12 Mar 2009

Wind Power: Md. bill would end fast track for projects

Two years after Maryland legislators passed a law designed to breeze wind power projects through regulatory reviews, the state still has no active wind farms and the opponents of the 2007 bill are still fighting the change. ...Former state senator and former Frostburg mayor John Bambacus told a panel of legislators that the new law "totally gutted the regulatory process." Bambacus says public input is exceptionally important because wind turbines "are not benign structures," noting some are as "tall as the Washington monument."
26 Feb 2009
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