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Opponents launch petition drive to overturn changes

People opposing Record Hill Wind LLC's proposal to site 22 wind-power turbines in town have launched a petition drive to rescind approved ordinance changes allowing such facilities. The petition asks selectmen to call a special town meeting to amend the comprehensive plan by deleting all language and sections referring to wind power that were added by a majority vote at a special town meeting Jan. 15.
18 Jun 2009

Turbines' effect on health is underestimated

Our work has shown that people in Mars Hill living within 3,500 feet of turbines there are truly suffering, in a real medical sense. Clearly, any regulation that results in placement of turbines, anywhere in Maine, at less than a 3,500-foot setback is courting a bad human outcome, regardless of sound modeling used by the industry to show there will be no ill effects in that range. As clearly demonstrated by post-construction measurements at Mars Hill, the model used by the wind industry for that project was seriously flawed.
10 May 2009

Wind farm plan clears ‘major hurdle'; DEP OKs $130M Rollins Mountain wind farm

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection issued First Wind of Massachusetts a permit Tuesday to build a 40-turbine industrial wind site for $130 million on Rollins Mountain in Burlington, Lee, Lincoln and Winn. "The Department finds that the applicant has demonstrated that the proposed project will provide significant tangible benefits to the host community and surrounding area,".
22 Apr 2009

Grid project has drawbacks for neighbors

Those of us who live close to power lines are concerned about the governor's and CMP's claims of the project's cleanness, greenness, price reliability and general value for Maine. We have met with the Lewiston City Council, our state legislators, attended hearings with the Maine Public Utilities Commission and tried to get CMP to listen to us. We are worried about our own backyards, but we are not interested in having the project simply moved to other people's neighborhoods. We want solution
5 Apr 2009

Civil Suit filed in Maine Superior Court regarding First Wind's Mars Hill wind energy facility

Marshillcomplaint_032709_thumb On March 27, 2009, the residents of Mars Hill living within 3600 feet of First Wind's wind energy facility filed a civil complaint in Maine Superior Court seeking relief from the "significant harm" caused by the First Wind and others by the construction and operation of the site. The full complaint can be accessed by clicking on the link below.
27 Mar 2009

Wind energy, health experts face off

Weighing in were Dr. Albert Aniel, an internist at Rumford Community Hospital, Dr. Michael Nissenbaum, a radiologist at Northern Maine Medical Center, former Gov. Angus King, a partner in Independence Wind and Dr. Dora Ann Mills, director of the Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the state's chief medical officer. Aniel and Nissenbaum would like the state to place a moratorium on future wind projects until more research on the effects of turbines on people can be gathered and analyzed.
26 Mar 2009

Maine DEP internal conference call meeting notes: wind turbine noise

Maine_depconfcall030509_thumb These meeting notes detail the thinking of Dr. Dora Mills, State of Maine Public Health Director and Staff of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection regarding wind turbine noise. At the time of this meeting, attendee Andrew Fisk of Maine DEP had notified First Wind that their wind facility in Mars Hill ME was operating in compliance with the permit he had issued. Dr. Mills was preparing to present information on turbine noise before the Maine Medical Association meeting later in the month. All attendees were discussing how to proceed with two other wind projects proposed in the State. Both proposed projects use RSE to model the preconstruction noise levels.
5 Mar 2009

Doctor to share wind power concerns

Dr. Albert Aniel will share his concerns about health risks associated with wind turbines with selectmen when they meet at 7 p.m. Thursday in the municipal building auditorium. Interim Town Manager Len Greaney said Wednesday that Aniel asked to be placed on the agenda to share issues he broached at a Feb. 18 Maine Department of Environmental Protection hearing on a proposed Roxbury wind power project.
5 Mar 2009

Wind farm hearing set

People will have a chance to ask questions and comment on a proposal to build a 22-turbine wind farm on several ridges in Roxbury at a hearing Wednesday night. The hearing, required by the state Department of Environmental Protection as part of the approval process, begins at 6 p.m. at Mountain Valley High School. ...Another wind project in the early planning stages is in the works for nearby Black Mountain in Rumford.
17 Feb 2009

Troubled wind?

As Maine preps for wind power, medical staff at Rumford Hospital say turbines may make people sick. Others beg to differ. The phrase "vibroacoustic syndrome" started him Googling. The worrisome set of symptoms - allegedly caused by exposure to low-frequency noise and linked by some to wind farms - sent him on a mission he didn't anticipate. This week Dr. Albert Aniel, an internist at Rumford Community Hospital, mailed a letter to Gov. John Baldacci. He visited the Mexico Board of Selectmen. He's contacting every town manager in the River Valley.
15 Feb 2009

Town blocks plans for towers

Following news that several wireless communication company representatives were in town scouting possible locations for cell phone towers last week, selectmen unanimously voted to place a moratorium on communication towers Monday. The moratorium prohibits all new towers, monopoles and tower-mounted wind turbines for the next 180 days.
13 Feb 2009

Close votes pave way for wind power

By margins of less than 10 votes, residents at Thursday night's special town meeting OK'd two amendments to town law, allowing wind power facilities to be built on town ridges. The tally was 89-81 to amend the comprehensive plan to allow wind generation facilities in Roxbury, and 87-80 to create a mountain district zone to designate areas suitable for erecting wind energy facilities.
16 Jan 2009

Wind power: Another look

Concerning wind energy and the proposed wind farms in Oxford county, certainly health hazards to those who live near wind farms is a consideration. However, let's look at the legitimacy and desirability of wind power as a source of energy. At first glance wind power seems like a clean, renewable source of energy, part of the solution for global warming. However, wind power is unpredictable. Energy from industrial wind power can not be stored.
17 Dec 2008

Wind farm concerns

With growing concern, we read the report of radiologist Dr. Michael Nissenbaum's testimony about adverse health effects of wind farms, which are amplified over bodies of water. This is because First Wind is seeking permission from LURC to erect 17 wind turbines within a mile of Upper and Lower Hot Brook Lakes, just west of the Danforth town line which goes down the middle of the lakes.
11 Dec 2008

Freedom flickers and hums on YouTube

The video begins silently. A shingled farmhouse stands in full sunlight for a moment before a giant shadow sweeps over the façade as though a low-flying airplane had passed overhead. Then it happens again, and again, and again. "Today we have flicker."
11 Dec 2008

Concerns on the line

More than 30 people expressed their concerns about a massive power line upgrade project proposed by Central Maine Power at Lewiston City Hall Monday night during a public hearing before Maine's Public Utilities Commission. About 70 people were present. ...Nearly all of those who spoke before Commissioners Jack Cashman, Sharon Reishus and Vendean Vafiades were apprehensive about the project, anticipating noise pollution, loss of property value and health risks.
25 Nov 2008
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