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Groups seek to change DEP rules on wind turbine noise

When the Friends of Spruce Mountain saw their appeal to the Spruce Mountain Wind Project denied last week, the group's lawyer also presented a proposed amendment to Maine's noise rules in the state's Site Location Law. The result of a petition effort by the Maine-based Citizens' Task Force on Wind Power, the amendment would have the Maine Department of Environmental Protection apply different standards to wind turbine noise than to other industrial noise.
8 Feb 2011

Wind power opponents advance legislation

A group opposing industrial windmills atop Maine's mountain ranges has convinced several lawmakers to submit legislation that scrutinizes and reduces the speed of the state's wind power initiative. Wind power proponents counter that the group isn't looking for transparency or to slow down wind development, but to stop it altogether.
13 Jan 2011

LePage spokesman nixes wind power moratorium

Groups representing wilderness guides and owners of sporting camps joined a well-established organization from Penobscot County on Thursday in asking Gov.-elect Paul LePage to impose a moratorium on permits for new industrial wind power farms. A LePage spokesman said later that the governor-elect would do no such thing.
17 Dec 2010

Maine and New England Stew Over Climate and Energy Projects

The outcome of the race among Republican climate skeptic Paul LePage, Democrat Libby Mitchell and independent candidates, analysts say, could determine the state's role in the nation's only cap-and-trade system, operating in the Northeast. It also is an example of the political intensity hovering over the region heading into tomorrow.
1 Nov 2010

Wind energy gets mixed reviews

Detractors argue the technology is unproven and say the money and manpower would be better spent on weatherizing homes and funding other forms of alternative energy such as tidal power. Less than 2 percent of electricity in Maine and New Hampshire is currently derived from wind farms.
24 Oct 2010

Experts see path to lower power rates

Be careful about banking too much on renewables, Buxton said, because land-based wind power today costs much more than power generated by natural gas, and offshore wind power will cost three or four times as much. And don't look for miracles from Canada, he said. The Canadians can produce low-cost hydroelectricity, but they sell it in the United States at the market price.
15 Oct 2010

Maine’s rush to develop wind power is ill-advised

With the addition of expensive wind, and even more expensive off-shore wind, and the cost of the new power line, Maine people cannot look forward to lower rates. Yet we will be in economic competition with Vermont and other states. Our future should be with hydro and natural gas, not wind power. But the saddest thing to me is the way the public has been discouraged from participation.
8 Sep 2010

A call for a windpower moratorium

Maine citizens weren't consulted before this misguided and biased law was enacted. As an "emergency measure" we didn't have time to make our objections known before it was implemented. What is now apparent is that the wind industry hugely influenced the crafting of this law.
20 Aug 2010

State clears the way for wind power profiteers

Wind power in Maine is a chess game, a chess game for those protected by multinational companies and allies in the current administration. ...A game that put people's rights and public health behind those of the wind industry and simply ignored the complaints of those disturbed by the maddening whoosh of turbines.
12 Aug 2010

Wind power law hasn't resolved development conflicts

After proposing major changes to state law that would speed up the review of wind power projects, Gov. John Baldacci's wind power task force members went one step further: They made a map. ...Others describe the map-drawing process as a last-minute rush to get the task force's report done in time for legislators to consider as they neared the end of a short session. "There was a lot of ‘Here, here, here and here' and ‘No, no, no and no," during the map debate.
11 Aug 2010

Connections: Wind industry and Maine's wind act

The policy that eventually became the Maine Wind Energy Act of 2008 was the product of several public groups and included crucial input from public agencies. There were a number of cases where people from those groups and agencies were either connected to the wind industry or would soon be connected to the wind industry.
10 Aug 2010
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