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Woodstock selectmen, Patriot Renewables talk changes to wind ordinance

Spruce Mountain Wind representatives last week talked with Woodstock officials about possibly altering the town's new wind ordinance to someday allow them to replace their existing turbines with ones that would be quieter overall. The ordinance restricts future wind projects by imposing a lower maximum decibel level for sound generated by the turbines and greater setback from property lines, along with other requirements.
25 Apr 2013

Maine Supreme Court invalidates permit for Saddleback Ridge Wind Project

The rule amendment did not become effective, however, until June 10, 2012, when it received the required legislative approval. The Board’s February 18, 2012 appeal decision affirmed the Department’s initial decision to apply the 45 dBA limit to the Saddleback Ridge Wind Project. This proved critical to the Law Court because the Project’s applications, while presenting evidence that the Project complied with the 45 dBA limit, presented no evidence that the Project would comply with the 42 dBA limit.
12 Mar 2013

New wind farm completed in Hancock County

A new, 19-turbine wind farm in Hancock County, which has the capacity to supply the average energy needs of 18,000 homes, has been completed. Boston-based First Wind says its 34-megawatt Bull Hill project has also begun commercial operations. It’s located on the ridges of Bull Hill and Heifer Hill in Hancock County.
14 Nov 2012

Industry residents review wind power ordinance

The proposed ordinance was designed by the planning board and a Wind Ordinance Committee over the past 6 months, following the enactment of a temporary moratorium earlier this year. The ordinance attempts to balance the interests of the town and maintaining public safety with the rights of property owners.
25 Sep 2012

Peru voters say no to wind farms

As for the non-binding straw poll that asked if voters support the construction of wind farms within the town limits of Peru, 194 said Yes; 394 said No. That means the Peru Wind Power Committee will now make recommendations to selectmen about pursuing more restrictive measures.
13 Jun 2012

Dixfield residents air views on wind ordinance

Daley wants a reduction in the allowable decibel level during nighttime hours from 42 to 35 and from 55 to 42 during the day. "That would still exceed the quiet rural level," he said. Patriot Renewables Project Manager, Tom Carroll, said that change, as well as several others, would drive out the project.
10 May 2012

Farmington to vote on wind rule

Several of the roughly 15 residents at the meeting voiced concerns that the ordinance didn't provide enough protection against wind turbine noise, claiming other towns have passed ordinances that have stricter regulations on the issue. Farmington officials have been working on an ordinance proposal to regulate wind turbine construction for more than two years.
25 Jan 2012

Wind power ordinance passed in Portland

Under the new ordinance, the city is broken up into different zones from residential to industrial. The residential areas will be the most restrictive, limiting wind turbines to 25 feet and up to 160 feet in industrial areas as long as they meet the setback requirements.
20 Jan 2012

Paris committee: no strip clubs, wind farms

There will be no wind farms or strip clubs in Paris, if the town's Land Use Committee has anything to say about it. "We're trying very hard to create a land-use plan that will make the most amount of people happy and step on the least number of feet, while at the same time help our community grow in a positive way."
15 Dec 2011

Frankfort residents pass strict wind ordinance

They voted Thursday in favor of adopting a controversial wind ordinance that was created by worried residents in response to a proposal to build a four- to six-turbine wind farm on a privately owned parcel on top of Mount Waldo. It will be the community's first-ever land-use ordinance.
2 Dec 2011
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