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Don't commit on new wind projects until we get the facts

We also need to have details about where the fossil fuel savings come from for each project. In order to estimate exactly what we are getting for our money we need this information. On top of that we need to factor in the carbon footprint from permanent deforestation for infrastructure and running of diesel generators needed to operate things on site when the wind isn't blowing.
11 Jul 2010

Environmental activists block wind farm site

The crux of the activists' argument against the wind-power project is the number, size and location of the turbines on Kibby Mountain, said Logan Perkins of Eddington. Perkins said the activists believe the project will have a detrimental effect on mountain ecosystems, including lynx habitat.
7 Jul 2010

Activists block Kibby wind site

According to police, the morning protest was peaceful, but a number of Earth First! members were issued trespass notices after TransCanada representatives asked them to leave the property and they refused. TransCanada is building 22 wind turbines on mountains near where it's already built 22 turbines that are producing power.
6 Jul 2010

Carter, King clash over wind power project

Carter, who lives about 3.5 miles from the turbines, responded by calling King a "mountain-slayer and a profiteer." He said he's not against wind power, but he's against large projects that destroy mountaintops: "Industrial mountaintop wind, wherever you put it, is a disaster."
30 Jun 2010

Wind project generating opposition

The landscape will be forever altered, he said, by a proposed 48-turbine wind-generation project, which is still in the permitting process. If approved, it will be "the largest wind project permitted in Maine," said Alan Michka, a resident of Lexington Township and chairman of the board of the organization the Friends of the Highland Mountains.
27 Jun 2010

Patriot Renewables offers $80,000 more to Woodstock

Wind power developer Patriot Renewables, which plans to build towers in Woodstock, has offered to make an additional, one-time payment of $80,000 to the town as part of a "tangible benefits" package agreement. Patriot has applied to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection to place 11 towers on Spruce Mountain.
24 Jun 2010

Manipulating the right to vote

Who knows when the onslaught of blasting and earth gouging is to resume on the Record Hill Wind project in the quiet little community of Roxbury? The Department of Environmental Protection doesn't know and former Gov. Angus King isn't forwarding any information, while the campers and camp owners of Roxbury Pond sit nervously silent.
24 Jun 2010

Wind ordinance to voted on Saturday

On Saturday, June 26, residents will meet at 9 a.m. at the Buckfield Junior-Senior High School to vote on 46 town warrant articles including a wind ordinance. The 50-page wind ordinance addresses different aspects of wind turbine farms in the town.
23 Jun 2010

Wind farm petition circulating in Dixfield

A petition that calls for leaving the decision on whether the town should host wind farms up to a vote of residents is being circulated, Town Manager Eugene Skibitsky said Tuesday afternoon. He said he was shown a petition at the board's June 14 meeting by Dan McKay and Fremont Tibbetts. It aims to prohibit industrial wind projects.
23 Jun 2010

Carthage wind farm moratorium fails

Residents on Monday night narrowly defeated a moratorium that would have slowed plans for an industrial wind farm along Saddleback ridge. The vote was 48-42. One of the circulators of a petition that forced the special town meeting, Bill Houghton, said he has no plans to take any other action at this time.
22 Jun 2010

Clifton residents defeat wind moratorium

After taking several votes about whether to vote on the proposed moratorium, one resident moved for the vote, which was endorsed by basically everyone, and the 162 residents formed a line to cast simple yes or no ballots inside the town hall. Residents defeated the proposed wind energy moratorium, 86-75, town officials said.
17 Jun 2010

Offshore floating wind turbines raise environmental, technical questions

Your readers should not lose sight of the fact that the "Setting the Course" special section that appeared over a recent weekend (June 4-6) in this paper and six others statewide was a paid advertisement, not journalism. Had it been journalism, the mix of stories would have included one that points out that the technology basket in which Maine intends to put the bulk of its economic development eggs -- floating offshore deepwater wind turbines -- doesn't exist.
14 Jun 2010
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