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Maine blows hot, cold on wind power

But how much control do residents have over whether a wind project goes in their backyard? Not much, according to David Corrigan, a Registered Maine Guide who runs Fletcher Mountain Outfitters in Concord Township and believes his business will suffer if wind power comes to his community. "When it really comes down to it, the people of Maine have no say," Corrigan said.
20 Dec 2010

Winds of change loom in Somerset County; Proposed wind farms pit developers against residents

Some people view imminent wind power development in Somerset County as a way to boost the economic stability of the region. Others decry its perceived adverse health effects and detriment to the landscape. Either way, change is looming. Between $1 billion and $2 billion worth of wind energy projects may be developed in Somerset County within the next three years.
19 Dec 2010

Appeal rejected for Spruce Mountain wind project

The Appeals Board voted 2-1 Thursday night to reject an appeal of the site plan for a wind turbine project on Spruce Mountain. Voting against the appeal were Stephen Newkirk and Ruth Feeney; for was Jim Chandler. Residents have a 30 days after approval to appeal a permit.
17 Dec 2010

Appeal on wind project set for hearing

The Woodstock Appeals Board will meet Wednesday to hear an appeal of the site plan approval for an industrial wind farm on Spruce Mountain. The appeal was filed by Friends of Spruce Mountain. ...Friends of Spruce Mountain "have been against the project since the plan surfaced last year.
14 Dec 2010

Rollins wind project obtains financing

Boston-based First Wind announced today that it has obtained $98 million in construction financing for its Rollins wind farm, near Lincoln. The company said it has closed on an $81 million construction loan and a $17 million letter of credit. Key Bank National Association and Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale are the lead arrangers for the financing.
4 Dec 2010

Wind power project expansion approved

The Land Use Regulation Commission approved an expansion to the Kibby Wind Power Project Wednesday evening, which will place a series of turbines along the Sisk Mountain ridge in northern Franklin County. The LURC committee voted 5 to 1 to order the LURC staff to draft a document approving the 11-turbine expansion.
2 Dec 2010

Wind power generating opportunity, criticism in Maine

Wind power has emerged as Maine's most divisive energy issue. Broad support from diverse interest groups, such as those who spoke at today's news conference, is tempered by a small but vocal coalition of residents which questions whether the noise impacts, the visual presence of turbines spinning on ridgelines and the current high price of wind are justified.
1 Dec 2010

Rollins Wind opponents file another lawsuit

Opponents of the Rollins Wind turbine project in Lincoln and adjacent towns have filed another lawsuit, this time alleging that the project's owners are in violation of their state permit. The citizens group "Friends of Lincoln Lakes" is claiming that First Wind has failed to show adequate financial capacity.
30 Nov 2010

DEP sued over wind turbine project

Friends of Lincoln Lakes has filed another lawsuit against the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. They ask that work be suspended because First Wind, the company building the turbines, is in violation of its permit.
29 Nov 2010

Visit to Vinalhaven wind turbines leaves questions

The Island group's consensus was that their visit was too short to make any definitive judgments about Vinalhaven's wind turbine noise, which varies from day to day. The tour did, however, leave them with a new awareness of how subjective the noise debate is and how it might influence zoning bylaws for wind energy development on Martha's Vineyard.
23 Nov 2010

Bingham residents cancel meeting, discuss wind farm anyway

Standing in the parking lot outside the blackened windows of the Quimby Middle School gym on Wednesday night, six residents said the potential project would hurt their small community. "If we start putting windmills on all our hills, it will ruin the quality of what we have. This valley is all we have left," said Evelyn Beane, of Bingham.
19 Nov 2010

Wind protesters really prophets who warn of dire peril ahead

The three dozen protesters who stood out in the biting rain and who were arrested will in time be vindicated in the eyes of the editors and others in the aftermath and awakening of the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the public and the environment. This is, was and will always be about the money.
15 Nov 2010

Will turbines rise on Rollins Mountain?

Opponents will try to convince the new Republican-controlled Legislature to revisit the law, which streamlines the review process in specific locations. They also plan to petition the DEP to amend existing noise regulations, which critics say allow turbines too close to homes.
14 Nov 2010

Wind project manager: Nothing new in Spruce Mountain appeal

According to the DEP, the Mars Hill project was problematic because developers there were granted a variance from the noise limit. No variance was granted for the Spruce Mountain project. Spruce Mountain's attorney, Rufus Brown, attacks both Patriot Renewables' methodology and the DEP for allowing turbine noise up to 45 decibels to reach nearby homes at night.
10 Nov 2010

Protesters arrested at Lincoln windfarm

Most of those arrested were affiliated with the Maine branch of the national activist group, Earth First! Wearing orange ponchos against the driving rain and biting wind, they stood across a gravel access road and forced trucks to stop for nearly a half hour.
8 Nov 2010
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