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State receives 20 petitions seeking to delay wind-power permits

State officials received 20 petitions on Monday from residents who oppose fast-tracking permit approvals of industrial wind sites in their portions of Maine’s Unorganized Territory. ...Under the law, residents have until July 1 to submit petitions. The Legislature set the six-month period to allow residents enough time to remove areas from the expedited wind-permitting zones and to limit wind investor uncertainty.
5 Jan 2016

Freedom passes wind turbine ordinance

By a vote of 32-6, voters passed an exhaustive set of rules for wind turbines Nov. 17 including setbacks that would have blocked the three-turbine wind farm on Beaver Ridge had they existed in 2008. The 40-page Town of Freedom Wind Energy Ordinance notably requires setbacks of 13 times the turbine height for three larger classes of windmills, which translates to close to a mile for a 400-foot industrial wind turbine.
24 Nov 2015

Dixfield board to consider ordinance question

The Board of Selectmen is expected to decide Dec. 14 how to proceed with bringing a Wind Energy Facility Ordinance to voters next June, Town Manager Carlo Puiia said Tuesday. It would be the fourth time in over three years that residents have cast ballots on the measure to regulate wind power development.
24 Nov 2015

Dixfield selectmen vote to send ordinance draft to Belfast lawyer

The Board of Selectmen voted 5-0 Monday to have Belfast lawyer Kristen Collins draft language on sound limits for the Wind Energy Facility Ordinance. At its Aug. 25 meeting, the board voted to accept a citizens' petition requesting the ordinance include the complete Maine Department of Environmental Protection sound level limits, which are 42 decibels for nighttime and 55 decibels for daytime.
30 Sep 2015

Freedom revisits rules for wind energy development

The major feature of the ordinance is a requirement that wind turbines be set back one mile from residences. Neighboring towns adopted this standard as a precaution against noise and shadow nuisances like those reported by some Freedom residents. Developers and wind energy advocates have said the mile setback amounts to a ban, given the population density of the area.
18 Sep 2015

Fort Fairfield residents air support for wind ordinance

Langley, who along with others on the committee visited Mars Hill, said the proposed one-mile setback would largely prevent “shadow flicker,” the rotating shadows cast by the blades turning in the sun. ...Langley said, average noise levels at the edge of a proposed turbine’s participating property line would be measured before development, as a baseline, and noises from the eventual operating turbine could only increase by five decibels.
11 Sep 2015

Dixfield Planning Board table discussion on wind ordinance until Sept. 3

 Puiia said officials received a citizens' petition asking that the defeated ordinance be amended with the Department of Environmental Protection sound standards and be brought to another vote. Planning Board member Lauren Hebert said he saw the DEP sound standards as “a blank check.” “It gives them the right to come in here and impose their will on us,” Hebert said.
21 Aug 2015

Dixfield voters adopt original wind ordinance

residents narrowly voted to repeal the Wind Energy Facility Ordinance and replace it with the Planning Board’s original draft.  ...Discussions between some residents and the Board of Selectmen were contentious in the days leading up to Tuesday’s vote after Tom Carroll, project coordinator for Patriot Renewables LLC of Quincy, Mass., said that the ordinance’s 35 decibel nighttime limit would likely prohibit a wind farm in Dixfield.
11 Jun 2015

Unorganized territory residents still demand Wind Energy Act fix

The stage is set for lawmakers once again to weigh in on how to address concerns of residents in the Unorganized Territory that a landmark 2008 law stole from them the ability to participate in decisions on wind energy development in their proverbial backyards. ...While developers must still obtain the approval of the state Department of Environmental Protection before breaking ground on a new turbine, the elimination of the zoning process removed from the UT residents the ability to weigh in, to say if they didn’t want wind towers in their communities.
15 Apr 2015

New wind farm offers big bucks to Osborn

Is the prospect of having 14 wind turbines in your community worth receiving nearly $2 million in town coffers over the next two decades? That’s the question residents of Osborn will be considering this month, as First Wind pitches a three-prong community benefits package as part of its planned third wind farm in Hancock County.
5 Feb 2015

Orland voters narrowly reject wind moratorium

In the last couple weeks, the Friends of Dodge Hill have been rallying for the moratorium. After the vote, organizer Nikki Fox wrote in an email that she’s “heartbroken” it came within five votes of passing. While she trusts the ballots were counted properly, Fox said she’ll be calling for a recount. According to Town Clerk Connie Brown, that’s allowed.
21 Jan 2015
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