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Expert speaks on wind turbine noise in Sumner

Selectman Maryann Haxton asked how the sound problem could be corrected. James replied that guidelines of 35 decibels should be set for turbines and to require them to be located a mile and a half away from homes. ...Someone asked about home appraisals and James said real estate agents were no longer appraising any homes near windmills.
12 Jul 2011

Report: Turbine noise a complex issue

The proposed minimum setback is longer than three football fields, but it's still way too short, wind opponents say, to keep people from being disturbed by the noise, low-frequency sound pressure and vibrations that turbines and their blades spinning atop 300-foot towers can make under various wind conditions.
1 May 2011

Maine BEP denies Spruce Mountain appeal

Rufus Brown said it wasn't enough to let potentially problematic turbines be built before dealing with the consequences. He took offense to Smith's assertion that it was unfair to submit Patriot to another hearing. "That is exactly upside-down," Brown said. "It is fundamentally unfair to the people in this neighborhood to this project ... when there are so many uncertainties."
4 Feb 2011

Maine officials say turbines are too loud

Last week, in a letter to the wind farm's developers, Maine's Department of Environmental Protection concluded that the turbines do, under certain conditions, exceed state noise limits of 45 decibels. The agency further ordered the developer, within the next 60 days, to come up with a new operational plan.
1 Dec 2010

DEP: Vinalhaven turbines too loud

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection has found that three wind turbines on Vinalhaven have exceeded nighttime noise limits and has asked Fox Islands Wind LLC to modify its operations. The small island wind farm has proven controversial since it began operating a year ago, with some neighbors complaining of noise and other related problems.
24 Nov 2010

Wind turbine noise: noise complaints predictable

Applicants and regulators should have foreseen the negative noise response from neighbors living near wind turbine sites. By their not adequately understanding the sound character generated by wind turbines, appropriate corrections to prevent annoyance were not included in the noise predictions. Wind turbine noise has a unique and visceral sound character, which may be perceived as being twice as loud as measured.
30 Oct 2010

Wind turbine noise a problem

Building industrial size wind turbines right next to my home is NOT the same as the possibility of drowning or having allergies. I can take steps to protect myself from these things, even move if I feel the need to, but I cannot protect myself from the health effects from wind turbines.
23 Oct 2010

Follow law, not wind

Compliance with state regulations is not optional, and the rate payers of the Fox Islands Electric Co-op would expect it to be run within the law. Baker admits that by following state law, Vinalhaven rate payers will lose the savings FIW promised. ...He has chosen to lay the blame for his poor planning and lack of foresight wherever he can find a convenient scapegoat.
8 Oct 2010

Wind turbine noise report

The Fox Island Wind Neighbors, a group who thinks the turbines are too noisy, say a recent report released by a sound consultant brought in by The Maine Department of Environmental Protection has raised questions about the noise the turbines produce, particularly at night.
13 Sep 2010

Consultant: Vinalhaven wind turbine noise exceeds limit

"There exists a significant body of consistent meteorological and sound data indicating sound levels greater than applicable limits," Warren L. Brown, who also serves as the University of Maine's radiation safety officer, wrote Wednesday in a detailed letter. "Substantial changes are recommended for FIW nighttime operations." Brown reached his conclusions after reviewing a noise complaint submitted by Fox Islands Wind Neighbors.
13 Sep 2010

DEP consultant says wind turbine noise exceeded sound standards

DEP Project Manager Becky Blais said Fox Islands Wind will have to meet DEP compliance for sound levels, whether this means powering down the turbines, shutting them off or finding another technological solution. "Substantial changes are recommended for FIW nighttime operations, limiting WTG sound levels at ML-A [a site] to 45 dBA [a decibel measurement]," Brown wrote.
13 Sep 2010
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