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Wendy Todd testimony before Maine Wind Task Force

Wendytodd_testimonymainewindtaskforce_thumb In my opinion [Mars Hill] is some of the prettiest acreage in Aroostook and I was very happy to come home to it, in fact…it was my dream. ... The turbines however, have changed most of that as the land that was once known for its remote nature, wildlife and solitude is now home to an industrial power plant. For anyone to say that a wind turbine facility has a low impact on the local environment… is irresponsible. Yet the industry and the media surrounding it seem insistent on making light of the problems that exist. The problems are real and they are hurting families emotionally, physically and economically. ...
26 Sep 2007

Mars Hill wind project sound level study

Upc_letter_to_medep_filing_rse_re_sound_06_21_07_thumb In response to noise complaints at the Mars Hill wind facility, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requested developer UPC Wind Management LLC conduct a sound level study at the site. Here is the cover letter and document ("Sound Level Study - Ambient & Operations Sound Level Monitoring") submitted by UPC to the Maine DEP.
21 Jun 2007

Lempster Wind, LLC- NH docket 2006-01: public comment

Lempster_cm_070604_thumb These public comments were filed with the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee in reference to the Lempster Wind proposal (NH SEC Docket 2006-01 - Lempster, NH). Ms. Martin's comments were prepared following interviews she had with residents living near the Mars Hill, Maine commerical wind project. The Mars Hill wind project went on line in early 2007; problems of noise were reported as early as December 2006.
4 Jun 2007

Wendy Todd testimony before Maine legislature

Wendytoddtestimony07-04-30_thumb The following testimony was given on April 30, 2007 to the Maine legislature by Wendy Todd of Aroostook County, Maine. Ms. Todd lives near the Mars Hill wind "farm,” which went on-line in the winter of 2007. An excerpt of her testimony is included below. The full testimony can be downloaded by clicking on the link.
30 Apr 2007
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