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Wind power moratorium gets hearing in Peru

"The passage of the moratorium will give the committee 180 days to write an ordinance and no windmills can be built during this time. The Board of Selectmen can extend the moratorium if more time is needed to write the ordinance," he said.
28 Oct 2011

Third proposed Rumford wind ordinance already creating confusion

"Some people are of the mindset that a 'No' vote means a vote against wind towers and a 'Yes' vote is a vote to allow wind towers," he said. Instead, he said a Yes vote to approve the ordinance will allow local regulation on wind towers. "A 'No' vote is a vote to allow state regulation on wind towers," Puiia said of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection wind project laws.
26 Oct 2011

Wind developer makes pitch in Farmington

Kuhn wants to build four 750-kilowatt wind turbines on property owned by Bailey Hill Farm. He told the dozen residents and town officials at a Planning Board meeting Monday night that the project is part of a new shift in the industry, calling it a community-based model instead of the more familiar commercial projects.
18 Oct 2011

‘These people'

Identifying those of us in the audience who were not First Wind employees, attorneys, lobbyists, contractors or consultants, First Wind's attorney complained "these people" are running all around the state opposing wind projects.
18 Oct 2011

Maine guides feeling windburned

In defending their quest to erect wind turbines in scenic places, First Wind writes: "Fishermen can orient their boats away from the turbines or situate themselves in one of the many coves if views of the turbines become undesirable. Or they may recreate at other nearby lakes with fewer views of turbines, if preferred." Are they serious? Can you think of a more grating arrogance?
16 Oct 2011

Wilton seeking control of new CMP smart meters

Among the state regulator-approved options, customers who want to keep old meters have to pay $40 up front and $12 a month to cover the cost of maintaining the systems. "Bath did a moratorium that said we're going to still evaluate this stuff and you have to get permission from the homeowner," Saviello said Friday.
8 Oct 2011

Eastern Maine wind project approved

The Land Use Regulation Commission voted 6-0, with one absentee, to approve the $78 million energy project. ...Blue Sky East LLC of Portland, an affiliate of Massachusetts-based First Wind, proposed building 19 windmills on Bull Hill and Heifer Hill near Eastbrook in central Hancock County.
6 Oct 2011

Maine board to decide on Down East wind farm

The proposal before LURC calls for towers on Bull Hill and Heifer Hill near Eastbrook in central Hancock County. The turbines would be built on 312-foot towers. With the blades fully extended, the total height would be 476 feet. A new substation at the site would convert the power to 115 kilovolts and send it directly to Bangor Hydro Electric Co.'s transmission line.
4 Oct 2011

Europeans look to UMaine for answer to wind energy problems

"Landscape has a high value over there," Trapasso said. But with decades of wind development onshore, the public eventually started turning against turbines, complaining that the aesthetic costs were too high. ...installing new turbines is difficult or impossible in many parts of Europe because the public has turned against them, Trapasso said. The solution: out of sight, out of mind.
4 Oct 2011

Insulted in Frankfort

Eolian has yet to produce a single watt of electricity anywhere. They admit to "not having done a good enough job" of clearly presenting their project to the town. Two of their mailings "overlooked" dozens of residents who live around Mt. Waldo and would be most affected by these massive 450-foot turbines. Heck, they can't even get the name of the local store right.
3 Oct 2011

Finger to the wind: Following a controversy to the Common Ground Fair

Sometime between the call-in show and the fair, First Wind dropped off the list of exhibitors on the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association's website, but there were other glitches in the details of the sprawling program, so it seemed plausible that First Wind representatives would still be there. Several phone calls to First Wind and a missed call from the company later, and the question remained unanswered in advance of the fair's opening day.
3 Oct 2011

Clifton area residents weigh in on Pisgah Mountain wind farm

Fuller and other Pisgah Mountain LLC partners want to put up five Vestas V90-1.8 MW wind turbines. Each will be approximately 455 feet at the top of the propeller blade. Other residents at Thursday's public hearing voiced concerns about harm to wildlife, blade glint and if there is enough money set aside to pay for decommissioning.
30 Sep 2011

Maine doesn't need wind power, group says

"What makes the sight of wind turbines on Maine mountains ugly is the economics," Chris O'Neil said Thursday. O'Neil is president of Friends of Maine Mountains, a group formed to oppose mountainside wind energy development in western Maine. "Maine is being used for an inefficient energy source that doesn't even benefit the state," O'Neil said.
26 Sep 2011

Rumford board to wait for state to decide wind standards

They decided to await a decision by the Maine Board of Environmental Protection that may come from the Augusta board's meeting on Thursday, Sept. 15. That came after Selectman Jeff Sterling read a letter from Rumford businessman Roger Arsenault, who said the state BEP is considering setting stricter standards.
8 Sep 2011
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