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Hearing set on wind project

Selectmen scheduled a hearing for 7 p.m. March 31 on using town land for wind turbines. The hearing will be held at the town office. ...Silber said getting the approval of abutters is the first step; next, residents must decide if they favor the project.
25 Feb 2009

Wind power draws crowd

The health risks versus the economic benefits of wind power were argued Wednesday night at a Maine Department of Environmental Protection hearing on the Record Hill Wind project for Roxbury's ridges. About 75 people attended the session at Mountain Valley High School, where more than 25 of them spoke about the 22-turbine project proposed by former Maine Gov. Angus King and Robert Gardiner.
19 Feb 2009

Green, at any cost?

Today we are faced with many issues regarding the previous ecological misuse of our planet. In our mad dash to correct the maligning of our environment we are grasping at alternative sources of energy: mainly wind, solar and hydro. Wind power is the concern of this letter, and Harley Lee's project on the Redington Range is the center of that concern. I wonder if, in our rush to seek alternatives to foreign oil, we may be overlooking our most valuable local natural resources.
18 Feb 2009

Wind farm hearing set

People will have a chance to ask questions and comment on a proposal to build a 22-turbine wind farm on several ridges in Roxbury at a hearing Wednesday night. The hearing, required by the state Department of Environmental Protection as part of the approval process, begins at 6 p.m. at Mountain Valley High School. ...Another wind project in the early planning stages is in the works for nearby Black Mountain in Rumford.
17 Feb 2009

Developing a wider view on wind

We think the Waldo County Commissioners should convene a high-level forum on wind energy and invite people from all over the area. That way, Freedom residents who have experience with turbines and those from other communities that may well decide to welcome them can confer with both experts and each other. The goal could be a countywide approach to wind energy, though that might be getting ahead of ourselves. After the talk is over, at least we'd all be on the same page.
16 Feb 2009

Mount Desert favors moratorium on towers

With the selectmen's vote, the local planning board now is expected to begin drafting an ordinance that would apply to towers. Whether the moratorium would apply only to communications towers or also to other structures such as wind turbines depends on what the planning board recommends and what voters eventually approve, if anything. MacDonald said that if voters approve the moratorium proposal in May, it would be retroactive to the selectmen's Feb. 9 vote. If voters approve the measure, and if any towers start to go up after that date, they could be found in violation of the moratorium, MacDonald said.
16 Feb 2009

Fort Kent council refuses wind moratorium

Hoping to send a strong message, the Town Council on Monday night voted unanimously to withhold its support of a moratorium on industrial wind turbines within town limits. A citizen petition has placed the question of a 180-day moratorium on industrial wind power development in the community on the March 23 town meeting warrant.
10 Feb 2009

Wind power fight goes to court; Lincoln group claims its due process rights were violated

In the two-page appeal she planned to give to the appeals board, Williams said the planning board's approval violated its own, and most other, municipal land-use ordinances for residential zones. Williams claimed that the board's decision effectively defined the farm's 40 380-foot turbines as major public utilities, which, she said, are typically considered "electricity, water, sanitary, sewer, storm water drainage, telephone and cable television" associated with residential uses in the R-1 and R-2 zones.
10 Feb 2009

Lincoln group takes wind farm fight to court

The Lincoln Appeals Board denied the Friends of Lincoln Lakes its due process rights when it re-jected hearing the group's appeal last month of the proposed $130 million Rollins Mountain wind farm, the group's attorney says. ...Filed in Bangor Superior Court on Friday, the Friends' action is one of the first to challenge an industrial wind project's permit application in a Maine civil court.
10 Feb 2009

Dixmont voters OK wind farm moratorium

A moratorium on industrial wind farms and a new comprehensive plan both passed by wide margins Wednesday night during a special town meeting at the Etna Dixmont School. The 131 voters who turned out for the meeting voted 111-20 in favor of the 180-day moratorium, which aimed to give town officials time to study the pros and cons of such projects, First Selectman Brian Wilson said.
4 Feb 2009

Maine utility says solar a viable option for peak use

Acres of solar-electric panels installed near communities that use lots of power in the summer could be an alternative to a controversial and costly upgrade of the transmission system in southern and central Maine, a Portland-based energy company is asserting. GridSolar LLC suggests erecting solar panels in 25-acre fields, initially around the midcoast and Lewiston-Auburn. The locations would coincide with areas that Central Maine Power Co. has identified as being most prone to future blackouts and reliability problems, GridSolar said.
3 Feb 2009

Wind power vote Thursday

It's been a long time coming, but a vote at Thursday's special town meeting should finally give residents a chance to decide on the fate of the $120 million wind power project proposed by Record Hill Wind, LLC. ..."If the voters do not want this project, we shouldn't leave something on the books that allows somebody else to come in with a similar project," said Sutton.
19 Jan 2009

Gold standard for Maine's 'wind rush'

What happened in Roxbury, though contentious, needed to happen. Community-changing projects cannot be built without debate, scrutiny or emotional outburst - it comes with the territory ...What should resonate from Roxbury into the ears of public officials and wind developers across Maine is this: Residents affected by wind projects care deeply about their communities and will fight doggedly to ensure their interests are heard and their demands met.
19 Jan 2009

Close votes pave way for wind power

By margins of less than 10 votes, residents at Thursday night's special town meeting OK'd two amendments to town law, allowing wind power facilities to be built on town ridges. The tally was 89-81 to amend the comprehensive plan to allow wind generation facilities in Roxbury, and 87-80 to create a mountain district zone to designate areas suitable for erecting wind energy facilities.
16 Jan 2009

Glitch deals a big blow to wind project

A proposed wind-energy project designed to send massive amounts of electricity from Aroostook County through southern Maine has been put on hold, due in part to the discovery that a technical glitch in transmitting that power could black out portions of southern New England. The proposal involved hundreds of wind turbines with a total output of 800 megawatts, equivalent to the former Maine Yankee nuclear plant in Wiscasset.
14 Jan 2009

Don't mess with Mother Nature

I encourage voters to vote "no" to these changes. By voting "no," voters will say "yes" to keeping these majestic mountains intact, placed there by Mother Nature, God, or whomever people believe had a hand in the Western mountains' design. Nothing is free. There are conditions to the free electricity offer. It is not nice to play with Mother Nature. Disrupting the mountains will plague lives forever.
12 Jan 2009

Town meeting to decide wind power fate

About 25 people attended Tuesday night's hearings on wind power and proposed Roxbury law changes to accommodate wind energy facilities. Most of them opposed such development, planner Mark Henry said. ..."The big thing is that we want to get the issue before the people of Roxbury so they can have their vote," he said.
8 Jan 2009

Voters OK Jackson wind turbine moratorium

While parking spaces and chairs were difficult to come by Tuesday, Jan. 6, at the Jackson Community Center, something else could be found in abundance - voters. More than 120 townspeople packed the building on the Village Road for a special town meeting and, by more than a two-to-one margin, 84-36, they voted in favor of a six-month moratorium on the construction of industrial wind turbines in town.
7 Jan 2009
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