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Arguments for wind turbines blowing hot and cold as rural dwellers complain

There are other dark clouds for wind energy. A High Court case on noise nuisance is due for a trial date in the new year. Seven families from the North Cork village of Banteer are suing the operator of a windfarm in their area, which the families claim has adversely affected their quality of life, principally through noise nuisance. The case will be closely observed. Other parties in Roscommon and Wexford, who claim to have been subjected to similar intrusions, are waiting in the wings.
3 Dec 2015

1,000m wind farm distance sought

'We would never consider placing commercial wind turbines close to an urban setting but we are willing to place them close to rural homes and as far as I am concerned, this is unacceptable. It is well documented recently in the media that there are serious health concerns with regarding to wind turbines.
7 Nov 2015

Wind farms do make you sick

Prof Evans, recently wrote a report pointing to ‘serious adverse health effects associated with noise pollution generated by wind turbines’. The risks were due to sleep disturbance and deprivation with loud noise being one of the main causes. 
17 Oct 2015

Firms fined over fatal wind blade accident at Harwich

Denmark-based Siemens Windpower A/S and London firm Fluor Ltd were both fined. Mr Terp, 42, was crushed on 21 May 2010 at Harwich International Port. His colleague Mr Kroeger was airlifted to Addenbrooke's hospital in Cambridge with serious, life-changing injuries. The Health and Safety Executive said the accident "easily have been avoided"
2 Oct 2015

Locals facing eviction after losing windfarm appeal

Edward ‘Ned’ Buckley had agreed to a single turbine being erected on adjacent land as part of an overall €30m development of 22 wind turbines by Kilkenny–based Ecopower Developments Ltd. However, he was shocked to discover a subsequent planning application sought provision for a 75m road across his land. ...Mr Buckley conceded that he had signed a document facilitating access but said he later withdrew consent before any decision had been made.
23 Sep 2015

Planning for windfarm refused for a second time

Ecopower Developments project manager Philomena Kenealy said the company is “very disappointed” with the latest decision”, adding: “We consider it a very suitable site because of elevation and the separation distance, with the nearest turbine 884m from the nearest house.
26 Jul 2015

FACT: Wind turbines make you sick.

In May 2013 the Supreme Court of Justice of Portugal decided that the remaining 3 turbines had to be removed from the vicinity of Mr. R’s property. The lower court had ordered the removal of the closest turbine but allowed the other three to stay, hence the appeal to the Supreme Court. The developer is apparently appealing the decision to the European Court. ...A bittersweet victory given that Mr R’s health is ruined and the family’s way of life destroyed. Money cannot fix that sort of damage. From a legal point of view what is important is that the courts, including the Supreme Court, accepted the expert evidence of the authors of this paper concerning the terrible toll that infrasound and low-frequency noise has on both humans and animals, whilst it rejected the opposing evidence led by the wind industry lawyers.
23 Jul 2015
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