Articles filed under Impact on Landscape from Illinois

Turbines would mar landscape

How can we ask citizens of this county to live surrounded by these 400-foot machines? I encourage anyone to check the site map at the commission office on Lamm Road to see for themselves the sacrifice we are expecting from a significant number of our neighbors. Neighbors who only wish to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the rolling farmland our county provides, for the present anyway.
15 Nov 2006

Wind farm misplaced in Mackinaw valley

Our family has been blessed with living and raising a family by the Mackinaw River Valley north of Carlock. With all the timber and rolling hills, it’s breathtaking beauty. We find out from a neighbor that all this is in jeopardy. A proposed wind farm in our area is picking up steam by a Chicago-based company and the map of this project is devastating. As much as we applaud the technology, the placement of these monsters stinks.
6 Nov 2006
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