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Wind farm debate still going strong in Boone county

He said the 1,500-foot setback from the property lines “is a good compromise.” However, the current ordinance doesn’t look at the height of the wind turbines, which he said have grown over the years. Some can reach up to 500 feet. “We want to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the residents as well as the property values of land owners,” he said.
7 Oct 2013

Wind farm owner sued for $1.8M

The lawsuit claims the work, which was required to be done by E.On as part of a "road upgrade and maintenance agreement," remains "deficient." The poor roads cover a five-mile radius, the suit states.
22 Jul 2013

Wind farm construction stalls in La Salle County

Iberdrola Renewables first started looking at La Salle County in 2006. "In part, the challenge we are facing in Illinois and nationally is the lingering effect of the recession, which has resulted in a lack of demand for new electricity," said Paul Copleman, spokesman for Iberdrola. will not start until Iberdrola is able to secure a long-term agreement from an electricity purchaser.
15 Jul 2013

Iroquois County Board approves more restrictions on wind farms

The Iroquois County Board approved more restrictive wind farm regulations Tuesday, focusing on health, safety and property rights of residents. ... Board member Marvin Stichnoth, a lifelong Stockland Township resident, focused on health issues. "I think of my neighbors... praying that the wind doesn't blow so they can get a decent night's sleep ... praying for cloudy days so they don't get shadow flicker that causes nausea and headaches for many people. ...
11 Jul 2013

Wind shift ahead in Lee County?

A third of Lee County Board members have taken a stand on the controversial proposal for a wind farm in the county's southwestern corner. The rest either are undecided or haven't returned Sauk Valley Media's calls for comment. The 24-member board will vote on the wind farm Tuesday.
18 May 2013

Lee County wind: Board leader pushes compromise

The chairman of the Lee County Board still supports a proposed wind farm, but he is pushing a compromise that would include strong conditions on the project. Rick Ketchum, D-Amboy, said he and others are working on the conditions. He provided few details.
17 May 2013

Wind turbine forum draws big crowd

A large group with plenty of opinions on both sides of Vermilion County's wind turbine issue turned out Monday night for a public forum. The crowd of both onlookers and speakers filled the expanse of bleachers along the southern wall of the gymnasium at Potomac Grade School. More than 40 speakers - 37 from Vermilion County - signed up to step to the podium.
16 Apr 2013

A bad night for wind company; Panel points to noise, flicker issues

In a 4-1 vote, with member Bruce Forester dissenting, the board found that Mainstream's petition didn't sufficiently protect neighbors from shadow flicker. And members unanimously ruled that the proposed setbacks weren't enough to mitigate the problem. ...The board also decided to back recommendations from the state Department of Natural Resources to create a 1-mile buffer around the state's Foley Sand Prairie Natural Preserve and a half-mile buffer around other natural areas.
12 Apr 2013

Officials to lead turbine forum

Currently, the county's wind ordinance calls for a setback of 1,200 feet from the primary structure on a property. Nesbitt, at the February committee meeting, asked for a moratorium on the ordinance and suggested the setback be increased to 1,320 feet from any property line and 2,600 feet from any structure.
7 Apr 2013

Lee County keeps rubber stamp in storage

Lee County does not plan to use the rubber stamp this time. Historically, wind energy companies have driven the county's process in reviewing proposed wind farms. ...Since then, local opposition to wind farms has increased. Neighbors complain about noise, vibrations and shadow flicker from turbines. And they say wind farms have reduced the value of their properties.
30 Mar 2013

Lee County's bizarre journey to openness

For months, the county bizarrely fought against the public's right to have access to that information. All 28 Lee County Board members stayed publicly quiet as this happened. The transcripts were done by a court reporter hired by Mainstream Renewable Power ...The proposed wind farm is controversial. Many neighboring residents don't want it, fearing their property values will decline, among other concerns. They want all the information they can about the project.
19 Feb 2013
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