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Gov. Blagojevich unveils ambitious energy independence plan

Gov. Blagojevich unveils ambitious energy independence plan to reduce Illinois’ reliance on foreign oil. Governor’s plan would meet 50 percent of state’s motor fuel needs with alternative homegrown sources made from crops and coal by 2017. Illinois would be the first state to achieve this level of energy independence; Governor sets goal of replacing 50% of our energy supply with homegrown fuels. Plan to triple ethanol production and invest in clean coal technology will create 30,000 new downstate jobs and save consumers billions of dollars
22 Aug 2006

Wind farms are complicated deal

ELLSWORTH - Building a wind farm is not as simple as putting up some windmills and waiting for the wind to blow. The wind farm under construction in McLean County, about 15 miles east of Bloomington, has involved almost five years of planning, permitting, negotiating with local governments and landowners and improving roads and other infrastructure.
20 Aug 2006

Official: Wind-farm talks set tone - Woodford County looking to attract additional developments

EUREKA - With a more than $200 million wind farm project likely coming to rural Benson next year, Woodford County officials are hoping to attract other economic development, including an ethanol plant. But county officials warn that if townships, attorneys, fire departments and others cause problems with the wind farm development, it could impede other developers from coming to Woodford County.
17 Aug 2006

Wind Farm Work Begins

Construction of the Twin Groves Wind Farm in eastern McLean County begins today, quashing any concerns about national security risks or wetland conservation.
8 Aug 2006

Wind farm proposal to be reviewed

BENSON - Heavy truck loads rumbling into Woodford County and carrying the pieces that compose large wind turbines could damage rural roads, officials said Friday. Because of this concern, the three townships affected by a proposed 79-turbine wind farm project northeast of Benson want to formally approve the project themselves before it moves forward.
5 Aug 2006

Farmer files lawsuit over special meetings

Ramsay and Hernandez do not deny that the suit also stems from the County Board’s rejection of the controversial proposal by Boone Heritage Wind Farm LLC to build a 15-turbine wind farm near Quail Trap and Ramsay roads in rural Boone County.
3 Aug 2006

Illinois coal could help land FutureGen

SPRINGFIELD -- Illinois could have an advantage over Texas in the sweepstakes to land a $1 billion, nearly pollution-free power plant, the chief of the state’s coal association said Tuesday. Phil Gonet, director of the Illinois Coal Association, said Illinois’ abundant coal fields could give two sites in Illinois the leg up over two sites in Texas in the contest to land the FutureGen power plant project.
25 Jul 2006

$70,000 wind farm fee paid in Woodford

UREKA - Woodford County's zoning department received a $70,000 check Monday for the future development of a 83-turbine wind farm near Benson. County Administrator Gregory Jackson said the check came via mail with an application from Minneapolis-based Navatis Energy, the developers of the wind farm.
19 Jul 2006

Hursh: Wind-farm rejection to be added to court record

BELVIDERE — The fate of Boone County’s first wind farm may not be decided until Sept. 15 when the issue comes before Circuit Judge Gerald Grubb. Boone County State’s Attorney Jim Hursh said Wednesday’s 7-4 vote against the Boone Heritage Wind Farm LLC proposal will be part of the court record as the judge renders his decision.
14 Jul 2006
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