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Landmark High Court bid to protect history from wind farms

In his decision, the planning inspector, Paul Griffiths, accepted the turbines would be an imposing feature but said "reasonable observers" would not be "confused" by the juxtaposition of historic buildings and a modern wind farm. For the first time, English Heritage and the National Trust have teamed up to challenge the ruling along with the local council in the High Court.
18 Feb 2013

Delight as Bronte Country turbine plan is turned down

One of several recent applications to build a wind turbine in the Worth Valley has been thrown out because of it could put tourists off visiting Bronte Country. The Bronte Society recently spoke out against the number of turbine planning applications being proposed for the area, which attracts tourists from around the world, eager to see the moor landscapes that inspired the sisters.
15 Feb 2013

Refusal of tickets over club's Swansea wind farm move

A leading opponent of the controversial wind farm scheme on the outskirts of Swansea is snubbing the Ospreys as a result of their support for the application. Councillor Ioan Richard said he will now not take up five match tickets he has been allocated to reward people from his ward who have done good in the community.
11 Feb 2013

Red tape trips up France's green energy hopes for wind power

French anti-wind group Vent de Colere has battled against the development of the sector for years and last year contested France's onshore wind tariffs. A French court has referred the case to the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg which will now determine whether the tariffs constitute undeclared state aid.
4 Feb 2013

Windfarm judicial review: Declining wading bird population takes centre stage

Much of the first day's legal argument focused on the windfarm's potential impact on whimbrels. That concern was also behind Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) objecting to the development. Its objection was "due to the high likelihood of a significant adverse impact of national interest on the favourable conservation status of the national population of whimbrel".
29 Jan 2013

Suspicions over wind farm money

After consulting central Government policy, other district councils and calculations by external planning experts, opposition groups claim that RWE should have been charged the maximum application fee of £250,000 instead of £24,965. Mr Baldwin called this ‘achieving maximum flexibility while being charged the minimum fee'.
29 Jan 2013

Wind turbine ‘bully boys’ anger

A green energy firm has been accused of ‘bully boy’ tactics in trying to head off opposition to a windfarm in Doncaster. Robin Hood Airport says there could be safety issues affecting take-off and landing because of the tall wind turbines due to be erected on a site between Hampole and Pickburn.
29 Jan 2013

Italy's Mafia muscles in on the green energy racket

For an industry all puffed up about its supposed environmental virtue, green energy sure is attracting a dirty crowd. Witness its latest entrant, Italy's Mafia. The mob knows a good fraud when it sees one. Mafia soldiers have moved in on the something-for-nothing world of green energy.
28 Jan 2013

Most wind farms in Scotland after SNP 'overrules' councils

The Tories said the study provided more evidence of Mr Salmond's determination to force through applications for wind farms even where rural areas have already reached "saturation point". The Scottish Conservatives are publishing a new energy policy on Monday amid calls from some councils for a moratorium on new onshore turbines applications.
25 Jan 2013

Wind farm plans shelved - for now

"There were cheers and celebrations when the council refused permission," he said. "There were far more people against the proposals in the viewing gallery than there were in favour of them. "But we know that RWE NPower will appeal, so this issue will continue to rumble on for some time yet.
24 Jan 2013

Wind farm plans suspended over core strategy 'uncertainty'

An energy developer has suspended its plans for a wind farm at a site to the south west of York, blaming 'uncertainty' about the local planning regime. Banks Renewables put forward plans for the proposed five-turbine Hagg Wood wind farm, which would have been situated on agricultural land to the west of Copmanthorpe, at the start of 2011.
18 Jan 2013

Second Dearne Head Wind Farm plan sparks anger from High Flatts and Birdsedge neighbours

In 2010, Nottingham based company PRE applied to build four 110m (360ft) turbines on the site, but the application was withdrawn following advice that the proposal would be refused. The new plan, now submitted to Kirklees Council, has sparked strong objections from neighbours, some of whom live approximately 600m from the proposed 0.8-hectare site.
18 Jan 2013

Wind farm ‘bribe' blown out by OAP

A pensioner has revealed how energy bosses offered her a £750-a-year "bribe" to stay silent about plans to build more wind turbines near her home. Joan Robinson, 84, was promised the sum by Greenspan Electric Cairnmore as a "goodwill gesture".
18 Jan 2013

Loch Ness community voices fears over wind farms

A community close to Loch Ness fears it will be surrounded by wind farms following a string of planning applications. Community leaders representing Fort Augustus and Glenmoriston are demanding a study be carried out to assess the cumulative impact of existing and proposed projects.
15 Jan 2013
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