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Planning officers refuse application for second wind turbine at Naylor's Hill Quarry, Black Moor Road

They said that despite the benefits of renewable energy, the negative elements of the application were not outweighed by any "special circumstances" in its favour. Their report states: "The proposed wind turbine would represent an encroachment of inappropriate development into the Green Belt that would have a harmful effect on the openness of the Green Belt.
9 Oct 2015

Residents to be given onshore wind farm veto

Residents are to be handed powers to stop onshore wind farms being built, ministers will announce today. The Tories have vowed to ‘halt the spread’ of unsightly turbines by preventing wind farms from being ‘imposed on communities without consultation or public support’.
18 Jun 2015

Turbine denied (Joicey V Northumberland County Council)

Joiceyr_v_northumberland_county_council_2014_ewhc_3657_thumb In this case, the claimant, Andrew Joicey, argued six grounds for overturning the planning approval of a 100kilowatt wind turbine. Primary among the complaints was that the planning council did not provide public access to the turbine noise assessment report until a day before the hearing where approval was granted. Complaints were also issued over whether the council properly considered the cumulative impact of noise from a neighboring wind project. The count agreed with Mr. Joicey and overturned the approval. This is the third time the court overturned a planning decision approving this turbine. The decision can be accessed by clicking the links on this page. The introduction of the decision is provided below. 
11 Nov 2014

Energy Transition: Bayern slows construction of wind turbines

Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has little regard for large wind turbines even if he always stressed to stand fully behind the energy turnaround. ...the Bavarian cabinet blessed a private bill on energy policy stating that the future minimum distance between wind turbines to residential homes in Bavaria is to be ten times the total height of the turbines.
8 Apr 2014

Westmeath County Council told to remove restrictions on wind farms

Minister of State for Planning Jan O’Sullivan has used her powers to direct Westmeath County Council to remove restrictions on wind farm developments in its county development plan, which was adopted in January. Under the plan, wind farm developers would have been required to implement a setback distance for new turbines from houses of 10 times the overall height of the turbine.
3 Mar 2014

Anger as Jarrow wind mast approved

A government inspector has given the go-ahead to a giant meteorological mast on green belt land in South Tyneside. Now there are fears that the 50-metre structure will lead to the creation of a wind farm near the Fellgate Estate in Jarrow. South Tyneside Council's planning committee had rejected the application after a 200-name petition was submitted against it. But the applicant appealed.
23 Sep 2013

Planning chiefs: Ministers must set wind farm quota

Alex Salmond has set a target of generating the equivalent of all Scotland's electricity from renewable sources by 2020 but has produced no calculations for the numbers of onshore wind farms required to meet this. ...Scottish Borders Council warned that turbines had got taller since existing planning policies were drawn up and "there is now a real prospect of wind-farm dominated landscapes being created over wide areas."
3 Sep 2013
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