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Survey: Offshore wind power gains support

A U.S. survey indicates there's strong backing for offshore wind power as a future source of energy, at least in the state of Delaware. The survey, conducted by University of Delaware researchers, showed more than 90 percent of the 949 Delaware residents polled voiced support for an offshore wind option, in which wind turbines as tall as 40-story buildings would be erected to generate electricity. Fewer than 10 percent of participants voted for an expansion of coal or natural gas power at current prices.
17 Jan 2007

Power source in the wind? Proponents hail offshore turbines as energy suppliers

Delmarva Power and state officials have until the end of February to decide who could be a new electric provider in Delaware. Among the choices is offshore wind power, which could be a first for the First State. “We know that the on-shore wind resource is really pretty poor, we know that the offshore wind resource is really much better,” said Phil Cherry, energy program administrator for the state Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.
8 Jan 2007

Three companies to bid to supply Delmarva; ‘clean coal,’ wind farm among power proposals

Energy companies hope to build in Delaware the first offshore wind farm in the nation, as well as a “clean coal” plant larger than any in the country. Three companies say they will file papers with Delmarva Power and the Public Service Commission by a Dec. 22 deadline to supply the company with power to help meet the state’s long-term energy needs. Delmarva was required to seek in-state suppliers for 400 megawatts of power under guidelines approved in October by the state Public Service Commission. That came after the state deregulated the energy industry, leading to a 54 percent rate increase for electricity to residential customers this spring. Three applicants have filed notices of intent to bid with the Public Service Commission:
15 Dec 2006

Bluewater wants to bring first offshore wind farm to Delaware

The first off-shore wind farm in the United States could be coming to the First State. Bluewater Wind, a developer of off-shore wind energy, is one of the companies competing for a long-term energy contract with Delmarva Power. Delmarva Power is requesting a proposal for an energy provider to help stabilize the price of energy in the state. Bluewater Wind is one of the companies competing for the contract, along with NRG, which has proposed expanding its coal facility on the Indian River Bay. Delmarva Power will choose an energy company in November.
18 Oct 2006

Wind-power project off Delaware coast on PSC agenda

A company that hopes to build power-generating wind turbines off Delaware’s coast will brief state Public Service Commission members on the topic Tuesday. The proposal comes as the state’s largest power delivery company, Delmarva Power, scrambles to line up new long-term supplies. State environmental officials said that New York-based Bluewater Wind LLC has approached them to discuss general terms for an offshore wind project. The company also has said that it plans to submit a supply proposal to Delmarva under a PSC-supervised bidding process. State lawmakers approved a bill this year requiring Delmarva to secure supply bids this year, including requirements to consider new in-state generating sites and electricity produced from renewable fuels or technologies.
2 Oct 2006
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