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Siting Council hears pleas

Reilly said people feel like the turbines are an imposition on their rights and came out to make their voices heard. "I think the Siting Council got a clear message from the town," Reilly said. Reilly said his group has 29 witnesses to provide testimony to the council and 2,000 pages of documents to support their case. He felt when the process is over the council will conclude the application needs to be denied.
2 Mar 2011

Ill wind blows for power Siting Council

Joyce Hemingson - president of FairWindCT, which opposes the Colebrook turbines - said when the state decided to fast-track renewables, it didn't consider the impacts of wind turbines, which are taller and more visible than power plants. "I don't think the legislature ever envisioned that these would be put in neighborhoods," Hemingson said. "We are not the Midwest where you have vast agricultural lands."
28 Feb 2011

Many concerns about wind farm at hearing in Prospect

More than 50 people signed up to speak at the hearing held by the Connecticut Siting Council, which has sole authority over the siting of electric-generating facilities, including wind farms. At issue is the fate of a proposal filed by BNE Energy Inc. that would allow the wind developer to begin construction of Connecticut's first commercial wind project. The nine-member siting council is expected to issue a decision about the project in May.
24 Feb 2011

Wind turbine regulation bill blows out of committee

A bill requiring new regulations on wind turbine projects was voted out of the Energy and Technology Committee Tuesday. The bill puts the breaks on wind projects until the Connecticut Siting Council develops regulations specific to wind energy. ...The committee voted 14 to 6 in favor of a substitute bill which took the word "moratorium" out of the title. However, the substance of the bill did not change.
16 Feb 2011

Windy prospects in Connecticut

"The use and expansion of renewable energy should not come at the expense of Connecticut, either financially or to the health of the people," said U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal in his testimony to the Energy and Technology Committee. Almost 60 individuals, including Blumenthal and almost a dozen residents of Prospect, have submitted testimony to the committee against the proposal.
14 Feb 2011

Hearing on wind turbine moratorium draws blusterous crowd

A new bill before the General Assembly's Energy and Technology Committee would stall wind turbine projects until the Connecticut Siting Council adopts regulations specific to commercial wind turbines. The committee met Jan. 3 to consider the moratorium which state Rep. Vickie Nardello (D-Prospect) and state Sen. Joan Hartley (D-Prospect) introduced in response to concerns over the projects proposed by BNE Energy, Inc. of West Hartford.
7 Feb 2011

Proposed legislation would sideline wind turbine plans in Colebrook

A pair of bills authored by State Rep. Vickie Nardello and State Sen. Joan Hartley are scheduled to be brought before the General Assembly’s Energy and Technology Committee for hearings Thursday, Feb. 3. One bill calls for a moratorium on the siting of wind projects until regulations are adopted, and a second bill would limit the location of generation facilities.
3 Feb 2011

Anti-wind turbine groups meet at State Capitol

Prospect Corp. and FairWindCT's press conference will be held before lawmakers on the state's energy and technology committee are scheduled to hear public comments on a bill that would put a moratorium on wind power development to allow for the creation of state regulations.
3 Feb 2011

More pushback on wind farms

Ms. Somers added that she had visited a wind turbine farm in New Hampshire that was located on 1,400 acres of property (as opposed to the 80 acres on Colebrook's two sites), and found the turbines to be as disruptive as she had thought. "Even at a mile away, you could have a conversation, but it was like being a mile away from LaGuardia or JFK," she said. "It was, of course, dependent on how the wind was that day. On that particular day we could have a conversation, but it was like a steady airplane going by. It's not appropriate for a residential neighborhood."
28 Jan 2011

Wind power: perception vs. reality

Wise people (and politicians) often say perception is more important than reality. Take the case of wind energy in Connecticut. What are the perceptions and what are the realities? With the proposed wind projects in Colebrook and Prospect currently being so hotly debated, perhaps it's timely to consider a few points.
16 Jan 2011

Colebrook residents come out against proposed wind farm

"When [residents] found out about the Rock Hall and Flag Hill applications at a town meeting in November, people were surprised," Hemingson said. "We formed the group to see what we could do to educate ourselves and the town about what is being proposed. We found out that there are no real [state] regulations when it comes to large wind turbines."
14 Jan 2011

Review process for Colebrook wind turbines begins

The Connecticut Siting Council began taking a long, hard look at a proposed pair of wind farms in Colebrook - one day early. As it had been less than 30 days since the council received BNE Energy's petitions for two separate sets of three wind turbines, the Connecticut Siting Council acknowledged that it could do little at the present time.
12 Jan 2011

Colebrook residents seek moratorium on wind turbines

Neighbors of two proposed wind farms on Rock Hall Road and Flagg Hill Road have formed a nonprofit group that seeks a moratorium on wind turbines in residential areas statewide. Members of the group, called Fairwindct Inc., were expected to appear before the Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday.
14 Dec 2010
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