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Well-organized opponents have developers' attention

Ontario-based developer AIM PowerGen proposed building four 9.9 MW wind projects in Harrow, Ontario, in 2007. But two years later, the company is still waiting for its building permit - a process that typically takes no more than six months to complete. What's the holdup? Local opponents have bird-dogged town officials to overly vet AIM PowerGen's wind project, citing health concerns, according to Dave Timm, the developer's vice president of strategic affairs.
1 Oct 2009

Ontario's iron-fisted energy model

At the G20 Pittsburgh summit, Canada endorsed a commitment to end subsidies to fossil fuel industries and step up subsidies to renewable energy sources. "We commit to...stimulate investment in clean energy, renewables, and energy efficiency," said the leaders. If anybody wonders what stimulating clean and green energy programs might mean to economic policy, a working model comes into effect today in Ontario.
1 Oct 2009

Ontario government disputes Lake Erie wind project

Neither of the companies that announced the transfer of development rights for a massive wind farm on Lake Erie owns those rights, Ontario authorities told The Associated Press on Thursday. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources disputed accounts offered the day before by a U.S. company, which said it had acquired and was selling the rights to operate giant wind turbines on the Canadian half of Lake Erie, and a Canadian company that said it was buying those rights.
1 Oct 2009

Residents split on wind farms

Opinions varied as much as the wind during a special council meeting on industrial wind turbines at the Prince Edward Community Centre Tuesday evening. Nearly 300 crowded the hall, with more than 30 people taking the podium for 10-minute deputations. With the legislation of the Ontario Green Energy Act in May, municipalities now have little power in the decision of allowing wind turbine projects to proceed.
30 Sep 2009

Opponents of wind tower project speak up at information meeting

An information meeting came close, at times, to transforming into a witch hunt, after more than 400 people crowded into the Manvers Arena to voice concerns over a proposed wind tower project. Monday (Sept. 28) night's meeting was called by Ward 16 Coun. Dave Marsh after many area residents felt they were treated poorly and did not receive important information on the project during an open house hosted by Energy Farming Ontario in Pontypool on Aug. 27.
29 Sep 2009

Wind turbine company gets reprieve

Entegrity Wind Systems of P.E.I. has been given another 10 days to complete its financial restructuring and avoid bankruptcy. The company faced a deadline Monday, but all parties involved in the proceedings — shareholders and creditors — agreed in P.E.I. Supreme Court to the extension Monday.
29 Sep 2009

Tory questions wind-power costs

Ontarians need to know exactly how provincial government contracts for wind-generated electricity will impact their hydro bills, Tory energy critic John Yakabuski says. "I think we need full disclosure on these contracts when they're signed with wind developers," he said yesterday.
29 Sep 2009

Samsung looking to build wind farm on north shore of Ontario's Lake Erie

Giant conglomerate Samsung is apparently pondering a wind farm comprising 200 turbines on the north shore of Lake Erie but the Ontario government would only confirm Sunday that talks with the Korean-based company are in advanced stages. The proposed wind farm, part of Samsung's new push into renewable energy, would stretch about 25 kilometres from Port Maitland toward Nanticoke, an area considered to have excellent wind potential.
27 Sep 2009

Liberals add 'Buy Ontario' to green plan

The tricky business of going green in Ontario just got more complex yesterday, as the McGuinty government introduced a mandatory "Buy Ontario" component for new solar and wind projects. The changes were part of a bundle of new policies designed to spark homegrown green manufacturing, as well as the wide deployment of its products -- everything from small, rooftop solar panels to industrial-sized wind farms. But in trying to strike a balance between competing interests, the Liberals appear to have rattled all sides.
25 Sep 2009

Provincial green power rules squeeze Niagara wind farm

Ontario released the much-anticipated regulations for its new Green Energy Act Thursday, including minimum setback distances for windmills from roads and houses. Under the new rules, turbines in an industrial wind farm must be built at least 550 metres from the nearest home. That's a problem for the first wind farm planned for Niagara, said Tom Rankin, who has partnered with Niagara Region to build five turbines in Wainfleet capable of churning out 10 megawatts of electricity.
25 Sep 2009

Anti-wind-farm speakers attract huge crowd

Just like the July public information session held by Energy Farm Ontario Inc. about its study to develop a wind turbine farm near Grafton, the public meeting held Thursday night by those in opposition, drew a huge gathering of concerned people. It was far beyond standing room only for those squeezed around the edges of the seated audience packed into the Centreton Community Centre. Some were unable to get into the building, forced to stand on the steps and sidewalks outside.
25 Sep 2009

Montana, Wyoming wind power sought for $3B lines

A Canadian company is seeking wind power developers to move electricity along a pair of $3 billion transmission lines in Montana and Wyoming -- potentially spurring a major increase in renewable power exported from the Rockies to the Southwest. The two lines would move 3,000 megawatts of power from each state. That's more than three times as much wind power as Wyoming currently produces and eight times what Montana has.
24 Sep 2009

Ont. gives green energy price guarantee

Ontario will cover the total cost and provide "a reasonable rate of return" for investments in green energy projects through decades-long contracts with fixed electricity prices. The government said it is the first program of its kind in North America. ..."They're going to fast-track wind turbines ... without looking at the health related issues, and that ought to be a concern of everyone," he said.
24 Sep 2009

New wind turbine rules announced

Standardized setbacks, domestic manufacturing content and a reworked approval process are among the province’s new wind turbine regulations. As part of the Green Energy Act, there will also be a feed-in tariff program, which allows everyone from homeowners to large developers to sell power to the grid. ... This distance would increase with the number of turbines and sound level ratings. The province also integrated various approvals — including environmental and municipal — into the Renewable Energy Approval process.
24 Sep 2009

Wind turbine setbacks should be increased

Amazing that with the amount of information available, so many choose to ignore the negative impacts resulting from industrial wind turbines projects: effects on health, wildlife, micro climate. How unfortunate for the people and the communities involved. ...New standards governing wind turbines were established in June 2009: set back of 1.5 km for projects with more than 26 wind turbines. Other standards relates to noise level.
23 Sep 2009

Wind farm backers should live near one before they speak

Apart from the fact that wind energy is impractical and unreliable, the cost of creating these wind farms is also outrageous (ie. service roads, police escorts, labour, new substations and transmission lines). High demand is also placing too much strain on the mills. As a result, they often malfunction. None of this compares though to the story of Barbara Ashbee-Lormand and her husband Dennis Lormand of Shelburne, Ontario.
22 Sep 2009

Wind farm out of breath; St. Joseph project uncertain after firm liquidated

Manitoba's new wind farm -- Canada's biggest -- is facing more delays because its original financial backer is broke, and national wind advocates say the recession has cramped the booming wind industry. Babcock & Brown, the Australian investment firm that was financing the new wind farm, is being liquidated by creditors and has sold off its North American wind power division, including Manitoba's project, to an American investment firm.
22 Sep 2009

Wind turbines still a problem for some

A Blenheim woman claims her family is still suffering effects from a nearby wind farm. Kruger Energy's 44-turbine Port Alma project became operational last year. Nikki Horton, who filed a complaint with the Montreal-based company, said the wind farm is impacting her family's quality of life, with symptoms such as headaches and fatigue.
22 Sep 2009
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