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Air pollution arguments in favour of wind turbines are full of holes

Widespread myths about Ontario's energy sector have led to disastrous policy choices like the Green Energy Act. Regarding health effects, I am more concerned about the way soaring energy costs and stagnating employment are taking a toll on household budgets, leading to, among other things, compromised family nutrition and higher stress levels. The energy politics promoted by Dr. Oliphant have been a 'cure' far worse that the supposed disease.
13 Apr 2013

Wainfleet loses wind turbine setback lawsuit

The decision came down Friday in the lawsuit brought about by Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc. and its owners the Loeffen family and Tom Rankin, head of Rankin Construction, after the township passed its setback bylaw last year. The bylaw was an attempt by to supersede the Green Energy Act, which prescribes a 550-metre setback — the distance between a residential property and a turbine.
12 Apr 2013

No wind turbines less than 2 km from a home and 1 km of a road in the Haut-Saint-Laurent, in the Montérégie

The Quebec government has officially endorsed the amended interim control (RCI) of the Haut-Saint-Laurent surrounding these structures in its territory, which the council of mayors adopted on 9 January. ...In the territory of Haut-Saint-Laurent, this revised version of RCI forbids the erection of wind turbines 2000 m (2 km) from any dwelling and 1000 m (1 km) from any public road.
25 Mar 2013

Wainfleet wind lawsuit in hands of judge

A lawsuit over a controversial bylaw related to a wind turbine development in Wainfleet is now in the hands of a judge. Wainfleet Mayor April Jeffs said she expects to hear a verdict in the next four to six weeks over whether a two-kilometre setback bylaw enacted by her town council will be allowed to stand.
23 Mar 2013

Industrial Wind Turbines: Scars on the rural landscape

"In Ontario, Canada, there is a suspension of critical appraisal and due process regarding industrial wind turbines. The lack of confidence in the political and regulatory systems will persist if governments and industry continue to deny the existence of adverse impacts from human exposure to industrial wind turbines...The negative psychological effect of disempowerment interacting with the adverse health effects attributed to industrial wind turbines has intensified the negative synergy of justice lost."
21 Mar 2013

Grey County wants wind turbine moratorium

Grey County wants the province to slap an immediate moratorium on wind turbine developments in Ontario. Nine of 13 councillors at Tuesday's county council meeting supported the call for the indefinite freeze until further studies provide "conclusive" evidence related to the impact of the industrial machines on human health.
6 Mar 2013

Turbines are affecting people: Lynn

Of hundreds of credible studies around the world on wind energy, none conclude there is no association between the towering turbines and adverse health effects. ..."(The conclusions are) not new, but it's further confirmation that these are not NIMBYs, these are people affected by these things," Lynn said Tuesday in an interview. "All of the studies rejected the null hypothesis that there was no association. Every one of them found that there was an association."
20 Feb 2013

Powassan residents want full moratorium on wind

What we see as a reality is that the Liberals will force through thousands (as many as 6,000 more) of these industrial wind turbines between now and when the health study is completed. They seem not to care what the health and financial costs for Ontario taxpayers will be because they know that they will be out of power before the federal study is published."
20 Feb 2013

Turbine health effects tied to hair

The amount of the stress hormone cortisol found in people's hair could help scientists understand the potential health impacts that may arise from exposure to low-frequency noise and vibrations from wind turbines. Starting in May, the federal government plans to study the hair of up to 1,200 people who live near wind turbines.
16 Feb 2013

Province knew about health effects from turbines

"MOE Provincial Officers have attended at several of the complainant's [sic] residences and have confirmed that despite the noise emissions apparently complying with the applicable standard ... that the noise emissions are in fact causing material discomfort to the residents in and around their homes," reads the document, written by provincial officer Gary Tomlinson.
13 Feb 2013

Wind turbine lawsuit proceeds

According to a filing in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the plaintiffs are seeking a "permanent injunction restraining the construction and operation" of the UDI project, and "compensatory damages" from UDI in the amount of $3.25 million "for negligence, nuisance and trespass."
13 Feb 2013

Council to send strong message against wind turbine project

Staff recommended that council ask the Province to refuse wpd Canada's application. Director of planning and engineering Ron Taylor clarified that energy companies apply to the Province under a provincial process; council does not approve the application, but may express concerns. A municipal council may offer support for an application, or ask the Province to refuse it.
6 Feb 2013
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