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Industrial wind turbines and adverse health effects

Turbinesandadversehealtheffects_thumb Canadian health professionals Roy D. Jeffery, MD, Carmen M.E. Krogh, BScPharm, and Brett Horner, BA, published this peer reviewed paper which examines current literature on the impact of wind turbine noise emissions and the impact on residents nearby. The introduction and conclusions of the paper are provided below. The full paper can be accessed by clicking on the links on the page.
11 Jan 2014

Community concerned about coming wind turbine

Construction of a wind turbine is expected to begin in the community of Bateston in the spring, a project some residents are not looking forward to. A meteorological tower to measures the wind has been set up at the site for the Celtic Current wind turbine project  in Bateston, about one kilometre off the road, near MacVicar's Lake.
8 Jan 2014

Health affects at wind tribunal

Much of the first day of hearings by the Environmental Review Tribunal into an appeal against the Armow Wind Project in the Kincardine region centred on qualifications of a presenter and whether or not anecdotal medical testimony would be allowed without formal medical diagnosis.
20 Dec 2013

Armow wind offers to buy couples’ home

The lawyer who represents them said today the purchase offers would only be good if the couple dropped their concerns, which would in turn cancel an environmental hearing beginning today in Kincardine. The lawyer representing Ken and Sharon Kroeplin says the offers were made only after the notice of appeal was issued.
21 Nov 2013

Wind turbine noise, sleep quality, and symptoms of inner ear problems: Findings

Poster_cpaller_oct15_thumb The attached poster entitled ‘Wind Turbine Noise, Sleep Quality, and Symptoms of Inner Ear Problems’ was displayed by researchers Claire Paller, Phil Bigelow, Shannon Majowicz, Jane Law, and Tanya Christidis at a recent symposium in Toronto. The research indicates statistically significant results for sleep, vertigo and tinnitus. The Results and Discussion of the posted are excerpted below. The full poster can be accessed by clicking the link on this page. In addition to the poster, this page includes a link to the letter sent to residents in Ontario who were asked to participate in the study.
24 Oct 2013

Hwy. 402 protest organizer says public support is strong

Marcelle Brooks and Muriel Blair, with the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group, put together the protest involving about 150 vehicles that shut down a section of the highway as they travelled from the Forest Road intersection to a rally in Strathroy. Their aim was to draw Premier Kathleen Wynne's attention to the opposition to wind farm developments in rural Ontario.
23 Oct 2013

Drennan appeal of K2 wind project near Lucknow continues

The Drennans are concerned about reported health effects of wind turbines and want a moratorium on the K2 project until studies can be conducted to better understand their impact on human health. Residents suffering from insomnia, ringing in the ears, headaches, and heart palpitations have for years inundated government ministries, local boards of health and newspaper opinion pages with pleas for help.
22 Oct 2013

London hearing on health effects of wind turbines shut down due to activists

Wrightman said she was stymied last week when the tribunal deemed nine of her 11 witnesses wouldn’t be allowed to speak as experts in their field. They included an Australian doctor, a Chicago assessor and a specialist in low-frequency soundwaves. “What this has shown me is that there is no way an average Ontario resident can file an appeal successfully,” she told hearing chairperson Dirk VanderBent.
16 Oct 2013
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