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Wind opponents lose on private bill

Some municipalities in Bruce County had been hoping a private member's bill would have some life. Todd Smith -- the PC member who introduced the bill earlier this week -- says the party isn't giving up on the issue, since so many solar and wind projects are being built over the objections of people who will live near them.
2 Dec 2011

Nature Canada supports senate motion for moratorium on wind projects in important bird areas

The motion, announced today by Senator Bob Runciman, calls for "a moratorium on the approval of wind energy projects on islands and onshore areas within three kilometres of the shoreline in the Upper St. Lawrence-Eastern Lake Ontario region, from the western tip of Prince Edward County to the eastern edge of Wolfe Island, until the significant threat to congregating, migrating or breeding birds and migrating bats is investigated thoroughly and restrictions imposed to protect internationally recognized important bird areas from such developments."
28 Nov 2011

Wind chill blows across rural Ontario

"I have no doubt, honestly I have no doubt" the Green Energy Act cost the Liberals their majority, Gillis said. ...Green Energy Act opponents were hoping for a Progressive Conservative majority. Party leader Tim Hudak had promised a moratorium on wind farms until new studies on the impact of industrial turbines were completed.
20 Oct 2011

Liberal Leader McGuinty stands by wind turbines amid new concerns about health effects

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak has promised a moratorium on wind turbines and has said he'd allow local municipalities to have a say over such projects. "I think Dalton McGuinty's policies of forcing industrial wind turbines like pins in a pin cushion across the province is wrongheaded," said Hudak. "I think it's causing damage to communities and it's awfully expensive, driving up our hydro bills."
22 Sep 2011

DMI layoffs a hot topic

At the time of the moratorium motion, Craitor said that representatives of the company had asked him to speak out. He said the company had invested $30 million "in anticipation of growth opportunities," Craitor's assessment was backed Monday by Belinda Forknell, a spokesperson for DMI's head office in West Fargo, N.D.
20 Sep 2011

NDP losing its green allies

Horwath told me her task as leader is to listen to all sides - not just environmentalists, but opponents of wind turbines and commuters who complain of high gas prices. "I'm an environmentalist, always have been and always will be. But I don't think making life more expensive for folks . . . is the right way to go."
29 Aug 2011

Turbines too loud: MOE memo

In his memo, Hall explains provincial regulations assume WTGs don't emit a tonal or cyclic variation quality, but noted MOE field officers at the Melancthon EcoPower Centre concluded some of them did. ...According to a 2008 MOE guideline, those sounds, which Hall said field officers confirmed existed at the Melancthon EcoPower Centre, could trigger a five dB penalty.
25 Aug 2011

Wind turbines too noisy, internal Ontario government memo says

The memo concludes that the current limit of 40 decibels should be reduced to 30 to 32 decibels. In the opinion of ministry officers, that level of sound "would not cause or be likely to cause adverse effects" for residents living near turbines, it says. Reducing noise standards to that level would require the province to significantly increase its current 550-metre minimum setback for turbines from surrounding buildings.
17 Aug 2011

Blowing money in the wind

ATI, along with the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University estimated the cost to the economy of forcing renewable energy mandates. They estimate in addition to the extra cost of energy to consumers, the cost to business would be passed along in reduced income or layoffs.
9 Aug 2011

Tillsonburg turbine plant blowing in the wind

With an election campaign just a month away Premier Dalton McGuinty was in town Monday to hail the new plant as a cutting edge of a green energy revolution. Provincial Tories have called it part of a boondoggle deal with Samsung that they intend to scrap before it hoses taxpayers for generations to come.
9 Aug 2011

Liberals blow it on wind energy

McGuinty tried to take a great leap forward, essentially imposing wind power on Ontarians, instead of nurturing it, with the Green Energy Act. It limits municipalities' powers to block wind projects. And an untendered $7-billion contract with South Korean firm Samsung to develop 2,500 megawatts of wind and solar power in Ontario seems like an unseemly sweetheart deal.
7 Jul 2011
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