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Ostrander Wind granted REA from Ministry of Natural Resources

This home to nature is shortly to be under attack, not from hunters or foragers but from a Government approved industrial wind developer. Those of us throughout the province who admire and want to protect nature stand in disbelief at the carnage that will unfold and that is a result of the Green Energy and Economy Act (GEA) passed by the GTA centric Liberal Party.
22 Jan 2013

Ontario helps kill green plan

Under the WTO pact, Canadian provinces have wide leeway to demand local content in government procurement contracts. ...But the key here is that a public body does the purchasing. In the green energy case, Japan and the European Union successfully argued that the purchasers to whom Buy Ontario rules apply (the private generators) are not public bodies.
23 Nov 2012

End of Dalton McGuinty's tilting at windmills

The idea that windmills will save the Ontario economy is the kind of wisdom you might pick up down at the local hemp shop. But wherever the idea came from, it has yet to power Ontario forward. Unemployment in too many cities sits in double digits even as turbines spin in that wayward wind. But even if subsidized wind energy hasn't powered the mighty Ontario job creation machine, it has been jet fuel for Ontario deficits.
21 Oct 2012

Open Letter Preliminary Submission: Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study

Krogh_bio_appendix_i_v2_thumb An Open Letter has been sent to the Prime Minister of Canada and the Minister of Health for Canada exposing numerous insufficient procedures and processes utilized in order for Health Canada to develop a national study into the known and acknowledged adverse health effects from industrial wind installations. The Health Canada study design as published on July 10, 2012 is expected to be concluded in 2014. Concerns are that the design is not crafted thoroughly enough and that the participants are not independent experts. This could produce unscientific results which will have global consequences. Carmen Krogh is one of the world's foremost independent researchers on health impacts of wind turbines and author of the attached letter.
5 Aug 2012

The tide turns

Those complaining that industrial wind turbines are making them sick and forcing them from their homes are no longer on the margins. Their numbers are growing. Their voices are becoming louder. The glow that folks once felt in supporting renewable energy is wearing thin once they learn that generating really expensive, poor quality electricity is ruining their neighbours' lives.
27 Jul 2012

Ottawa takes new interest in the health effects of wind energy

The Harper government, an ardent defender of oil sands extraction, is taking a keen new interest in Ontario voters' concerns that wind power generation may be harmful to humans. ...Ontario's Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty has run into resistance from rural landowners over wind turbines - opposition that may have cost him his majority in the last election.
12 Jul 2012

The ugly side of wind power

Ontario's Green Energy Act is stacked in favour of wind developers. Its authors seem not to have cared about basic rights. They just bash ahead despite evidence that turbines provide little in the way of jobs, reduce property values, make some homes unsaleable, affect the health and social well-being of locals and kill migrating birds and endangered species. Our descendants here in Prince Edward County will inherit a devastated local economy, landscape and way of life, not to mention an increasing (province-wide) financial burden to pay for wind-company profits.
6 Jul 2012

Why greens go in the red: How wind turbines and solar panels are making us poorer

We'll get the old "bait-and-switch." The "bait" will be that money extracted from us through higher energy prices will go towards improving the environment and to help "the poor" cope with higher energy costs. The "switch" will be that most, if not all, of the new revenue will go down the black hole of general revenues to pay for anything the government wants.
21 Jun 2012

The sorry lessons of green-power subsidies

By the end of 2013, Ontario household power rates will be the second-highest in North America (after PEI), and they will continue to accelerate while they level off in most other jurisdictions. Even more alarming for Ontario's economic competitiveness, businesses and industrial customers will be hit by almost $12-billion in additional costs over the same period.
29 Apr 2012

Ontario lowers premiums for wind, solar power; gives local councils more say

The Progressive Conservatives blame the "massive subsidies" for creating what they call a gold rush in Ontario's power system. "The feed-in-tariff, the green energy program, has created a huge economic bubble, and we know that all bubbles will one day burst," Hudak said. "You can't power a 21st century economy based on when the sun shines and the wind blows."
18 Mar 2012

Locals skeptical of wind talk

Shortly after the premier delivered his speech, he made a promise to give municipalities more say on green energy projects. He told reporters the province will "do a better job in terms of incorporating the local perspective on this" when it completes a review of its feed-in-tariff program for green energy projects by the end of March.
29 Feb 2012
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