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Environmental noise the fundamental problem with wind turbines

What I have found particularly intriguing is the consistent and almost automatic dismissal of the health impacts for those colocated with the turbines. I have listened to people arbitrarily dismiss health issues as being psychosomatic or regurgitate the popular excuse of the lack of scientific evidence. With respect, I would suggest to those who support these notions that you have completely misunderstood the problem.
3 Feb 2011

Turbines get louder at night, hearing told

Wind turbines make more noise at night, according to acoustics expert Rick James. James provided testimony during the second day of an Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal, held in the council chamber of the Chatham- Kent Civic Centre. He testified on behalf of appellants Katie Erickson and Chatham-Kent Wind Action Inc., who are opposed to the approval of the Kent Breeze Wind Farm in Thamesville, owned by Suncor.
3 Feb 2011

Wind farms deserve more study, MOH says

"It is clear that many people in many different parts of Grey Bruce and southwestern Ontario have been dramatically impacted by the noise and proximity of wind farms. To dismiss all these people as eccentric, unusual or as hyper-sensitive social outliers does a disservice to constructive public discourse" about the issue.
2 Feb 2011

Wind on trial

Several doctors have lined up behind Hanna's challenge, saying turbines emit low-pitched sounds that disrupt the body's normal rhythms and cause ailments including headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, rapid heart rate, irritability and problems with concentration and memory. Those concerns have been dismissed as irrelevant by lawyers representing the Ontario government.
24 Jan 2011

Court challenge threatens Ontario's wind energy plans

Underpinning the anti-wind movement's new-found credibility is the presence of Dr. Bob McMurtry, an orthopedic surgeon and former dean of the University of Western Ontario's medical school, who initially began researching turbines in the hopes of owning one himself. His findings turned him against wind. McMurtry, who, like Hanna, owns property in Prince Edward County, will serve as one of three expert witnesses in Hanna's court case
24 Jan 2011

Health effects of turbines? We already know

The ambient noise in rural environments such as Silcote Corners is from 25- 30 decibels, since it is not influenced by other background noises of traffic, industry and the like. So the question becomes, how disruptive is noise of 40-45 decibels from an industrial complex (such as the wind farm) when it is located in a natural environment with an ambient noise level of 25- 30 decibels (or 15-20 decibels less)?
8 Jan 2011

Wind battle coming to C-K

The world's leading experts on the impact of wind turbines on human health will blow into Chatham-Kent in February. The Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal will hear an appeal of the approval of the Kent Breeze Wind Farm, an eight-turbine project slated for the Thamesville area.
7 Jan 2011

Major shift in Grey Bruce wind debate

Grey Bruce medical officer Dr. Hazel Lynn said the health unit is looking seriously at conducting an impact study involving wind turbines. After some research, she said she is beginning to believe that there is some biological plausibility that people are disturbed by wind turbines. She also said complaints begin to rise the closer you get to a wind turbine.
31 Dec 2010

Hold off on wind turbines, says speaker

Dr. Robert McMurtry has some advice for municipal leaders fighting to block development of industrial wind turbines: do everything possible to delay the process until next October. That's when McMurtry, a former dean of medicine at the University of Western Ontario, believes Ontarians will elect a new government.
22 Dec 2010

Huron East low-frequency noise bylaw discussed

Municipal Act allows municipalities to govern over certain things, and one of them is sound. So if the bylaw is passed in order to govern LFN, that is acceptable, but if the bylaw is passed to restrict the construction of industrial-sized wind turbines the bylaw would be deemed to have been drafted and passed in bad faith and would be struck down.
18 Nov 2010

Hundreds hear wind warnings

McMurtry's journey with wind farms began in January 2008, when he first heard of a project slated for his home territory. He decided to embark on some research after being told the turbine projects were positive because they provide 'green' energy and are income generators. "I did some research and became concerned," he says. "The concern led to alarm."
20 Sep 2010

Wind farms have noise detectives on the prowl

Now Aercoustics has won a contract from the Ontario government to develop techniques for measuring the audible noise from wind turbines, and will deliver the results to the province this fall. There is no accepted procedure anywhere for measuring noise from turbines, Ontario officials say, so Aercoustics' report could help set standards across the country and internationally.
23 Aug 2010

In-town turbine affecting neighbour's health

I live next to a neighbour who has a contract with Hydro One to reverse her meter using a wind turbine on a 100-foot frontage, in-town lot. Depending on wind direction the ensuing whining of loose moving parts affects my sleep, my appetite, limits the use of my backyard and no doubt will diminish my property value.
17 Aug 2010

Noise complaints to be investigated

Over the past year, residents who live near the turbines have insisted the vibrations do exist and are ruining their lives. ...Stephana Johnston, the most well-known of the residents, addressed council again on the matter and said things have become so bad residents are simply abandoning their homes. Of 140 homes in her area, 40 are either abandoned, vacant, or up for sale, she said.
15 Jul 2010

Turbines and health issues

These turbines emit a pulsing, swishing noise that never stops, and the low frequency noise and infrasound they emit is a very serious concern for populations exposed constantly in their homes. Worldwide, people are reporting sleep disturbance, dizziness, headaches, and a host of other symptoms.
7 Jul 2010

Moratorium needed on wind turbines

The governments of Ontario and Canada have a policy to implement renewable energy generation including that from industrial wind turbines. This policy has been established without conducting third party "front end" human health studies to determine authoritative guidelines designed to protect health. To date, there are no peer reviewed studies demonstrating that industrial wind turbines are safe near families.
11 Jun 2010

Wind Turbine Lawsuit Set

A group of farmers in Midwestern Ontario is turning to the courts in an effort to stop wind turbine development in Central Huron. But the lawsuit could grow to include residents from across the province. A proposed class-action lawsuit seeks damages from TTD Wind Project, Twenty-Two Degree Energy Corporation and individuals who put up wind turbines on their properties.
9 Jun 2010
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