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Turbine dispute raises temperature

The wind farm issue was front and centre at last week's Township of Madawaska Valley council and tempers flared over claims that the township had prevented a woman from giving a presentation on the effects that wind turbines have on human health. Carmen Krogh, who in past weeks has spoken at several venues, is a pharmacist who says she has experienced the detrimental impact on her health that being close to wind turbines has had.
25 Feb 2009

Hundreds attend Essex wind power meeting

Essex Council got an eye opener on Monday night as health experts from around Ontario and the UK discussed Ontario's noise regulations. An overflow crowd of around 200 people packed the Civic Center to discuss their health concerns towards the potential wind turbines to be placed throughout the county. There is a wind farm proposal in Amherstburg near Malden Centre. There were residents of Amherstburg in attendance at the meeting.
25 Feb 2009

Wind farm noise limits urged

Ontario's noise regulations for wind turbines are among the weakest in the world and current distance setbacks from homes should be tripled or more, a public meeting was told Monday. About 200 people crowded the Essex Civic Centre to hear experts from across the province debate the health effects of wind turbines. Using teleconferencing, some spoke from as far away as the United Kingdom. The meeting got a little rowdy at times with some Town of Essex councillors trading barbs with taunting spectators.
24 Feb 2009

Regulations rapped, tempers flare at Essex turbine forum

Ontario's noise regulations for wind turbines are among the weakest in the world and current distance setbacks from homes should be tripled or more, a public meeting was told Monday. About 200 people crowded the Essex Civic Centre to hear experts from across the province debate the health effects of wind turbines. Using teleconferencing, some spoke from as far away as the United Kingdom.
23 Feb 2009

Province to fast-track wind turbine projects

Municipalities will lose the power to decide how close wind turbines can be to residential properties and environmentally sensitive areas under proposed green-energy legislation being tabled Monday. The new rules, a blow to NIMBYism, will also ensure that developers of wind and other renewable-energy projects get construction permits within six months. It's all part of Premier Dalton McGuinty's plan to streamline approvals for such projects ...
22 Feb 2009

Residents input sought for wind turbine project

The Town of Essex is hosting the first local attempt to convene a group of experts to debate the health risks of wind turbines and appropriate remedies. The meeting at 6 p.m. Monday at the Civic Centre will also hear from residents who have lived among wind farms already built in the province, and from representatives of project developers.
21 Feb 2009

Lakeshore approves re-zoning for Naylor Wind Farm

Lakeshore council chambers were filled to capacity when council voted 6-2 in favour of re-zoning five parcels of land east of the Naylor Sideroad, to allow the installation of five wind turbines that will make up the Naylor Wind farm. Several people spoke to council, some against the Gengrowth project and some for it. Many of the speakers who were in favour of the wind energy project were property owners who expect to have turbines on their land. Compensation for these turbines will amount to about $10,000 a year for each landowner.
20 Feb 2009

Council stalls as windfarm debate unfolds

Caught in the political crosswinds of the alternative energy debate, Innisfil council is waiting for the province and the county to make the next move. The Town was about to hire a consultant to help it develop planning standards for wind turbines, solar power and other clean energy initiatives. However, councillors decided to hold off until senior levels of government carve out their own policies.
20 Feb 2009

Town says no to moratorium

Council won't be supporting a moratorium on all industrial wind turbine projects. A resolution by Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards Township calling for a 10-year freeze on wind farms was declined by councillors this week. While no turbines have been planned for the township, companies have been looking at projects in the Madawaska and Bonnechere Valley area.
19 Feb 2009

West Cape May delays windmill ordinance

Borough Commission delayed passing two ordinances Feb. 11, one to regulate wind turbines and solar energy panels and another to set fees for applications to install the alternative energy devices. Mayor Pamela Kaithern said there had been discussion of the ordinances at the Planning Board meeting on the previous night. One item discussed was allowing more than one wind turbine on farms. As written, the ordinance would allow only one wind turbine per property.
13 Feb 2009

Oxford moves to freeze wind farms

Oxford intends to put a freeze on all wind farm developments until the province provides more information on the health impacts of the developments on neighbouring residents and livestock. In a unanimous vote Wednesday, council directed community and strategic planning staff to bring an interim control bylaw before council on Feb. 25 that would place a freeze on any applications for wind energy developments within the county until it passes the related official plan amendments.
12 Feb 2009

New windmill law

I am writing to express grave concern about the new Windmill law that will stop municipalities from controlling their own futures. This is particularly important to Prince Edward County. ...Lower property values and dropping tourism are things that we cannot afford and should not have to put up with. Why should the people of Prince Edward County have to sacrifice our new economy, our jobs, our lifestyle, for a provincial initiative that could place these turbines anywhere else in this huge province? The suggestion that this is "NIMBYism" is offensive.
11 Feb 2009

Township hopes to slow wind project

The likelihood of Ontario agreeing to a moratorium on new wind generation projects until the potential health impacts are studied appeared to dim this week. Bill Bilton, the mayor of Dawn-Euphemia, said council members still hope to meet with Energy Minister George Smitherman to talk about the township’s call for the moratorium and study, even after hearing the strong comments Premier Dalton McGuinty made this week in favour of green energy projects.
11 Feb 2009

Lakeshore OK's wind farm; Zoning approval granted over objection of airstrip owner

A $30-million wind turbine project that threatens an airstrip owned by legendary Spitfire fighter pilot Jerry Billing got zoning approval Monday from town council in a 6-2 vote. ...Erik Billing told council that area pilots would be at risk trying to thread their way through some of the 120-metre high turbines just west of the airstrip. ...Essex County's official plan amendment dealing with alternative energy calls for a four-kilometer buffer around airstrips registered with Transport Canada.
10 Feb 2009

OMB withholds wind farm order

The Ontario Municipal Board has ruled that proposals for 15 wind turbines in East Luther Grand Valley conform to all applicable legislation and the township's Official Plan. But while OMB member J. R. Aker released his decision last week, he withheld his order for up to 180 days pending the resolution of all outstanding issues. "In order to address public health and safety issues the following protocols and operating procedures are to be prepared to the satisfaction of the Township and will be implemented for the project ..."
5 Feb 2009

Wind plan remains blustery; Council questions residential policy

City councillors are already getting cold feet about allowing wind turbines in Barrie neighbourhoods. While they gave initial approval Monday to schedule a public meeting on a planning framework for wind turbines, city staff have been asked to revise the policy as it applies to residential areas. "We could see a landscape dotted with these wind turbines," said Coun. John Brassard. "This is not the type of landscape I want to see."
4 Feb 2009

Wind turbine will test public acceptance

A small wind turbine will soon be set up next to a fire station in Grande Prairie to gauge the public's reaction to residential-scale renewable energy production. If the reaction is positive, the city could be one of the first in Alberta to change its land use bylaws to accommodate wind energy production in its neighbourhoods. ...This type of turbine spins like a merry-go-round instead of a propeller and covers a two-metre-by-31/2-metre area.
3 Feb 2009

Budget lands blow on our wind farms

In Tuesday's blockbuster budget, Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty quietly cancelled the green energy subsidy that helps wind farms -- including the new one planned for St. Joseph -- stay viable. "That's a problem," acknowledged Manitoba Finance Minister Greg Selinger, who is also in charge of Manitoba Hydro. "It makes it harder, no question."
30 Jan 2009

Bluewater turbine bylaw passed

“It’s none of our damn business, it’s a private deal,” said Bluewater Deputy Mayor Dave Johnston Jan. 19 during a discussion on a wind turbine zoning bylaw meeting. The meeting followed a planning meeting held Jan. 21 that had forth a series of recommendations for wind turbines in Bluewater. Johnston was responding to comments during the discussion about how many turbines might be built in Bluewater in the future.
28 Jan 2009
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