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Big crane topples at K2 wind farm

Work stopped immediately at the site and hadn't resumed Thursday while a company investigation heard from all workers involved. The company is co-operating with the Ministry of Labour, Sheehan said in a follow-up e-mail. Construction on the 270 megawatt project involving 140 wind turbines began in July.
16 Oct 2014

Oxford wind turbines could interfere with airport radar systems in London and Hamilton

The developer of the Gunn’s Hill wind farm near Woodstock, Canada’s civil air navigation service provider states all 10 of the planned turbines are visible to the London radar and four are visible to the Hamilton radar. The impact, NAV Canada says in the letter, includes “a decrease in flight safety for aircraft operating in the area, especially in adverse weather conditions.”
22 Aug 2014

Fire at Murdochville wind farm

André Minville, director of Murdochville fire service received the call to 1:10 p.m. Wednesday: blazing wind park at Copper Mountain. Mr. Minville and firefighters joined the company technicians NextEra Energy on site. They set up a perimeter and waited for the fire to calm. Nobody was injured. The fire destroyed a blade and the nacelle (central portion of the wind turbine, which contains the generator).
16 Nov 2013

Company says it never received order

Not only do the turbines make it unsafe for pilots, but that he has been told the spinning blades affect radar. "There are rules and regulations in place and the wind turbine company should be adhering to those rules and regulations,'' he said. "Do they think they are above the law? They are not and they should comply.''
17 Aug 2013

Accident at wind farm Lordship Beaupré

This is the third accident to occur on the site of the park during the past year. The other two accidents, however, proved more tragic, with two workers who were killed in September and November 2012. According to Ms. Lemaire, it is "three separate events," no linkage between them.
12 Aug 2013

No decision on date to remove turbines

Brooke Williams, a spokesperson for Transport Canada, told The Daily News Monday no decision has been made on a date. She did say that on at least two occasions prior to installation of the wind turbines, Transport Canada advised the wind farm representatives that height restrictions were in effect in the area around the airport.
8 Jul 2013

Grey Highlands requires turbine fire plans

Wind energy developers must now have plans in place to detect and put out fires on wind turbines located in Grey Highlands. Council approved recommendations by fire chief Rod Leeson that operators of industrial wind turbines install a detection system to alert the municipal fire department and to provide plans to put out the fire in a wind turbine.
27 Jun 2013

Company says it wasn't contacted by Transport Canada

In an unprecedented move in Ontario, Transport Canada has ordered the removal of eight wind turbines in close proximity to the Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport because of height restrictions. ..."While Transport Canada is willing to work with the wind turbine company to set a practical deadline, the illegal turbines must be removed,'' she said.
15 Jun 2013
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