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Local health unit board member rejects wind tower study

A local health unit board member rejects the findings of an environment ministry study that there are no direct health effects from wind towers. "The study is a year old. I don't know why they re-released it," Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit board member Heather Staubles said in an interview this week.
23 Dec 2011

Wind opponent says latest noise study ‘a slap in the face'

Green Energy Act opponent Lorrie Gillis says the McGuinty government's latest assurances that there are no direct health effects from wind turbines is just another slap in the face for people who have been made sick by industrial wind farms. "They're basically being revictimized again," the Flesherton-area resident said Saturday in an interview.
19 Dec 2011

Wind farm report hot air: expert

"The ministry (of the environment) and wind industry keep on saying that there is no direct health risk, but they are wrong," said Amherst Island resident John Harrison, a retired Queen's University physics professor who was consulted during the creation of the report.
19 Dec 2011

Laurentian prof shares concern about low-frequency noise from turbines

I share your concern about the potentially serious effects of wind turbine generated pressure changes at significant distances from the site. The problem is similar to the premature application of 750 kV lines and the various US Navy projects that resulted in significant health problems because political and economic enthusiasm eclipsed perspicacious and informed decisions. I would recommend a delay in the construction and operation of wind turbines in your region until an objective environmental impact study is completed.
25 Nov 2011

Family taking heat over lawsuit

One man who spoke with The Daily News doesn't doubt some people's health does suffer due to the turbines. "Everybody is not the same," he said. "Everybody is going to have a different way of it affecting them." The Michaud property is just over a kilometre away from the closest turbine.
26 Sep 2011

Turbines too loud: MOE memo

In his memo, Hall explains provincial regulations assume WTGs don't emit a tonal or cyclic variation quality, but noted MOE field officers at the Melancthon EcoPower Centre concluded some of them did. ...According to a 2008 MOE guideline, those sounds, which Hall said field officers confirmed existed at the Melancthon EcoPower Centre, could trigger a five dB penalty.
25 Aug 2011

Wind turbines too noisy, internal Ontario government memo says

The memo concludes that the current limit of 40 decibels should be reduced to 30 to 32 decibels. In the opinion of ministry officers, that level of sound "would not cause or be likely to cause adverse effects" for residents living near turbines, it says. Reducing noise standards to that level would require the province to significantly increase its current 550-metre minimum setback for turbines from surrounding buildings.
17 Aug 2011

HRM says turbines must keep distance; Setback from homes to be 1,000 metres

Council was debating turbine rules after receiving a staff report with revisions that were made after comments received during a public hearing last month. "We're happy with where we are," Saunders told reporters outside the council chamber. "What we're really pleased with, also, is the fact that council has listened to the concerns of the people."
17 Aug 2011

Ontario tribunal denies health effect appeal, urges further study

The Tribunal’s 223-page ruling provides a fascinating, in-depth look at the state of current wind farm science and policy; many pages are devoted to the testimony of each of the witnesses, which included well-known researchers with a wide range of viewpoints, including Rick James, Geoff Levanthall, Christopher Hanning, Robert Colby, and many others.
22 Jul 2011

Wind power challenge dismissed

The tribunal found there is a need for further study of the effects of wind turbines, which detractors say emit low frequency noise that leads to sleeplessness and an array of related problems including stress, anxiety and hypertension causing heart disease.
19 Jul 2011

Doc questioned on turbine evidence

Dr. Robert McCunney, a co-author of the a 2009 review of wind turbine reports for the American and Canadian wind energy associations - which concluded there is no adverse effects on human health due to wind turbine noise - was challenged on whether he still believes this is the case.
31 Mar 2011

Wind farm's 40-decibel noise limit debated

Suncor Energy's Kent Breeze Wind Farm must meet a noise limit of 40 decibels -about the same level as that of normal conversation -at homes near its proposed wind turbines, Ministry of the Environment engineer John Kowalewski told a hearing this week in Chatham.
25 Mar 2011

Experts weigh in on turbine noise

"The province ought not to proceed with the development of industrial wind turbines any further," said Dr. Robert McMurtry, a past dean of the medical school at the University of Western Ontario and a former assistant deputy minister of health for the federal government. "There is a lot of suffering," McMurtry said.
17 Feb 2011
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