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Much to know about dotting rural landscape with wind turbines

Wind turbine companies have signed leases in the areas surrounding Stratford, Mitchell, Sebringville and St. Marys and are currently canvassing Fullarton and Hibbert wards. Once leases are signed, our neighbourhoods will become what every other community with turbines have become: divided, neighbour against neighbour, communities split because of secrecy and fear of the health problems that develop.
9 Dec 2010

Wind farms are not welcome

Ontario has become a "free for all" for wind farm corporations from all over north America. These companies are being handed our province on a silver platter to erect massive turbines without being accountable for what happens after they've been erected - and our provincial government has no way of holding them accountable.
24 Nov 2010

Wind turbines blow an ill wind say panelists

Keith Stelling lives on Arran Lake and relishes in being a proponent of NIMBYism - Not in My Back Yard. And it's for a good reason, he says. "My backyard is worth protecting. I feel I have a responsibility to protect the heritage of our children and grandchildren. It's going to be destroyed if we let this go ahead," said Stelling, who spent three years studying the flora and fauna of the Arran Lake area.
3 Oct 2010

Setback proposal short-sighted

The potential impacts to the shipping, recreational and fishing industries and risks to fresh water quality, fish habitat and the ecosystem generally must outweigh the marginal value of this "green" energy. The public cannot even weigh these factors because to date these entrepreneurs masquerading as environmental advocates have repeatedly refused to provide basic balance sheet information about any single turbine.
14 Sep 2010

Windsor area turbine critics say 5k ban is insufficient

Queen said the five-kilometre ban on wind turbines is just a proposal. He said opponents to offshore wind turbines south of Kingsville and Leamington thought they had a total ban in 2006, but the provincial government lifted it in 2008. With the extra cost to build turbines out in the lake, Queen said we don't need them. "Just because you call it green doesn't necessarily make it good."
15 Jul 2010

Group opposes wind turbines

Wind turbines will destroy the local landscape, the organization says, adding they will also severely damage property values. As well, the turbines will be seen and heard for miles, the organization says, noting there is mounting evidence the turbines contribute to negative health effects in some people.
14 Jul 2010

Displaced families evidence enough to warrant halt to wind turbines

In Ontario alone there are 115 known and documented reports of residents suffering adverse health effects from wind installations and there are less than 700 turbines in operation. Not very good odds are they? Add to this that problems are seriously underreported due to gag clause restrictions, fear of property devaluation when one speaks publicly, fear of loss of privacy if reporting, and fear of upsetting community harmony.
14 Jul 2010

The winds of change blow slowly

"There is a lot of work to be done," says Joyce McLean, Toronto Hydro's director of strategic issues. "We're talking four or five years before we'd see any wind turbines here." ...Wind is not lacking. But support for this project may be harder to locate. Ms. McLean confesses that, "We have some very vocal opponents, and we were surprised at the velocity of their opposition."
12 Jun 2010

Wind tower opponents voice frustrations with lack of local details

Residents attending a meeting called by Ward 16 Coun. Dave Marsh didn't mince words when expressing their frustration and concerns over wind turbine projects proposed for the Bethany and Pontypool areas. ...a number of people left the Manvers Community Centre when representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Infrastucture spoke, while others interrupted the presentation to express their anger and frustration with the process.
21 May 2010

Community council supports ban on industrializing Scarborough's waterfront

More than 20 delegates were on hand Tuesday, April 27, afternoon to share their thoughts about Scarborough East Councillor Paul Ainslie's motion requesting city council ask the provincial and federal governments not to "industrialize" any crown lands or adjacent waterways along the Scarborough Bluffs. The goal of the motion was to prevent a wind farm from being erected offshore in Lake Ontario.
29 Apr 2010

Project to cost $1.5B

The ex-Kingstonians planning to erect 60 to 90 wind turbines west of Wolfe Island in the waters of Lake Ontario have pegged the price of the project at $1.5 billion. ...If approvals from various provincial and federal departments go according to schedule, the company will order the turbines two years from now and install the foundations a year later.
28 Apr 2010

Will wind blow enviros apart?

Now a new community-level movement is arising in Michigan and across the Great Lakes region. This time, established green groups may be separating themselves from it. As Michigan and other state and provincial agencies move to authorize wind farms in the Great Lakes, enviros outside the affected communities are not likely to join offshore wind opponents in any significant numbers.
21 Apr 2010

City raises concerns over offshore windmills

City council voted Monday night to endorse a March 8 motion by Amherstburg council that calls on provincial and federal politicians and ministries to look into "the potential impact that offshore wind turbines might have on water quality, human health, along with animal and plant life." Amherstburg's resolution was endorsed by county council earlier this month.
20 Apr 2010
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