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The cost of wind: power when we don't need it

Despite the flaccid demand, wind generators were getting an average of 12 cents a kilowatt hour for their power, while conventional power producers subject to the wholesale market were getting 7.4 cents. Not only does wind sometimes produce when it's least needed - in hot summer weather it often fails to produce when it is needed.
25 Sep 2010

Turbulence increases over wind turbines

The Green Energy Act empowered wind companies to think they could do anything but Metzger said they better think twice. "We're not going to lay down and play dead," he said. The wind companies have split what had been tight-knit communities.
23 Sep 2010

Windmills pretty, useless

The less you know about "green" energy, the more it was meant for you. By that I mean that wind turbines and solar farms don't have to make any financial sense -- and they don't. They just have to make you feel good about the government. The turbines and solar farms may look good from afar ...But they look far from good the closer you get
20 Sep 2010

Neebing candidates oppose wind farm plans

A recent survey showed about two-thirds of the ward's residents oppose Horizon Wind Inc.'s $75-million plan to erect 18 turbines on the Nor'Wester Mountain Range. And not one of the five candidates in the running for the coveted Neebing seat believes the project should go ahead as planned.
16 Sep 2010

Review sought on offshore wind turbines

Wind farms shouldn't be allowed offshore in Lake Huron until there is peer-reviewed research to assess risks to the lake and its shoreline, an advocacy group says. The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation was formed in 1998 by former conservation officials after environmental cuts by the Mike Harris-led Tory government.
11 Sep 2010

Neighbours unite against hasty wind-power development

Marilyn says she's been doing her own research and has seen a disturbing trend in that large multinational companies take advantage of government programs to build and operate wind farms without adequate public consultation or regard for public safety and concerns. McGuffin agreed, saying that Prince Township is one of 48 communities currently living under the shadow of wind turbines in Ontario and soon there will be many more.
3 Sep 2010

Dispute over Red Lily Wind Farm Project returning to court

Some landowners in southeastern Saskatchewan have turned to the courts to press for significant changes to a $60-million wind farm project. Brad Jamieson, is a Saskatoon lawyer representing area residents who recently filed a class-action lawsuit. ...An interim court order was made last week bringing "all construction-related activity" to a halt pending the outcome of an injunction application.
1 Sep 2010

County hears of difficulties and methods to fight wind turbines

Council had a report from lawyer Peter Pickfield at its Aug. 12 council meeting. War­den Joanne Ross-Zuj said after the closed meeting the legal opinion will also be sent to all muni­ci­pal staff in the county. County council is taking the lead on ways to oppose wind tur­bine pro­jects where it can in the county, and is working with its lower tier municipalities to do that.
27 Aug 2010

Wind turbines: ‘Get used to it,' says minister

While a majority of Canadians favour wind turbines and other forms of renewable energy generation, East Garafraxa Council is taking a hard line on local developmental control - and has gone on record as seeking setbacks that would effectively preclude any turbine construction.
26 Aug 2010

What's blowing in the wind

It is unequivocally clear that residents feel that this project is inconsistent with the responsible development of the area, and that any such development on the Gulf Shore would be a serious setback to the community," Gulf Shore Preservation Association chair Lisa Betts said Monday.
23 Aug 2010

Grouse Mountain turbine finally cleared to produce power

The dispute centered on the mechanisms that allowed the power generators to connect safely to the province's electrical grid. One monitors the turbine's electrical output for any anomalies and shuts it down in the event of an emergency, while another prevents energy produced by the turbine from flowing onto the public system.
22 Aug 2010

Offshore turbines face new limits

Ontario's Natural Resources ministry is considering constraints on offshore wind farms but its not clear if the limits will appease a tidal wave of protest from those who live along Lake Huron. The ministry this week published a draft policy that could place constraints on where turbines could be placed.
19 Aug 2010

Turbine output numbers are false predictions

We can't afford what our government has planned for us with wind-generated electricity. We will all be hurt by this; some will lose good health, some will lose places they use for leisure, others will lose their homes, and everyone will lose financially.
19 Aug 2010

Township residents unhappy with wind farm meeting

Derek Dudek, Renewable Energy Application (REA) co-ordinator, was on the hook to answer most of the questions and was surrounded by angry residents, opposing the entire project. "This isn't a public meeting," said Kathryn Vine-Smith of Guelph who has a home on Huron Road in Point Clark.
13 Aug 2010

Wind farm gets green light

Green or not, wind power continues to hotly divide the community. With more than 70 people overflowing into the hallway outside, town council approved a rezoning request Monday for a $100-million project by AIM PowerGen for 24 giant turbines spread over about 1,400 acres of farmland roughly southwest of Harrow.
6 Aug 2010
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