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Resident oppose setback amendments for wind turbines in municipality

Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Twp. residents continue to express their concerns with regards to the proposed setback regulations for wind turbines in the municipality. Council received a letter at their Oct. 2 meeting, signed by several Carlow area residents who stated that they “are in opposition to the proposed bylaw amendment to implement regulatory provisions for large scale wind energy facilities.”
18 Oct 2006

Farmers say “whoa” to powerline

A Canadian company that proposes to construct a power line from Alberta to Great Falls through eastern Teton and Pondera counties is putting the cart before the horse, say farmers along the right of way. Montana Alberta Tie Ltd. of Calgary, Alta., sent letters on Sept. 21 to property owners along the proposed route stating that its agent, SNC Consulting, has the right under the state’s eminent-domain law to enter their lands to survey for a 230-kilovolt power line. Helena attorney Harley Harris signed the letters. According to state law, the right of eminent domain may be exercised for electrical energy lines, but it is silent on whether a private company that would benefit four wind farms has the same rights as a public utility.
18 Oct 2006

Burgoyne area at odds over wind power proposal

A new wind power proposal is already seeing some opposition despite Leeder Resources being in the very preliminary stages. The company is looking at a section of land in Arran-Elderslie Township, near Arran Lake as well as along Bruce County Road 17, for a 30-megawatt wind farm. It has just begun a feasibility study and told Arran-Elderslie council the earliest possible completion date would be in 2008. Charles Edey, chief operating officer, said they don’t have exact turbine placements as of yet, but the target area is west and south of Arran Lake, near Burgoyne. Edey said the project was a result of some land owners coming to the company with the idea. Some land has been optioned, “we’re just waiting on wind tests.”
18 Oct 2006

Municipality gives nod to Cruickshank Wind Farm

A new 300-acre, six-turbine wind farm has been given a thumbs up by Municipality of Kincardine council. On Wednesday night, at the beginning of the public hearing for the 10-megawatt Cruickshank Windfarm just south of Somerhill Golf Course, the town planning department had recommended only five of the six turbines be approved. Through presentations by representatives from Cuesta Planning Consultants and owner Kevin Cruickshank, town council was convinced a 100-metre setback from neighbouring properties was sufficient for the sixth turbine. Most councillors agreed the smaller setback didn’t present a safety hazard and was an efficient use of the land.
18 Oct 2006

Local firms want to install turbines in 8 communities

Eight community-based energy development companies will spend $16 million over the next two years installing wind turbines in each community, it was announced Thursday. And five of these corporations have been given the green light by securities regulators to raise more money. The communities want to start producing green energy and using it in their own homes and businesses, said Dana Morin, general manager of Scotian Wind Fields, an umbrella organization representing a network of wind field corporations, which was formed in 2000. The one hurdle facing the corporations is being able to sell directly to buyers.
14 Oct 2006

MD residents back wind

It is official. Pincher Creekers fully support the wind energy developments in the municipal district and many are not opposed to seeing more. Some 91 per cent of ratepayers in the Municipal District of Pincher Creek say that they approve of the wind energy developments in the MD and 62 per cent said that they did not have any concerns over the number of turbines in the area. The figures come fresh out of a new survey commissioned by council earlier in the year. In the survey, which was mailed out to some 500 MD ratepayers, people were asked to give their comments on what they thought about the development of the wind industry in the area. Just under 50 per cent of those given a survey, responded.
13 Oct 2006

More Wind Turbines for Kincardine

More wind turbines are being approved in Kincardine. The Kevin Cruikshank Wind Farm is getting a thumbs up from council. It's a new 6 turbine development over 300 acres on the west side of Highway 21 between Summerhill Golf Course and the village of Tiverton. The towers will also be visible from Kincardine's lakeshore B-line.
12 Oct 2006

Skepticism over tourist turbine

On behalf of a planning committee working with the Wind Power Inc. company, Elle presented a location in the north end of town. The location is serviced and is close to the future Wal-mart, which is likely to welcome recreation vehicles. The proposed turbine would be fully operational and most of the revenue would likely go back to Wind Power, with a small portion going towards maintaining an interpretive centre. Wind Power is one company interested in erecting the machine.
6 Oct 2006

Daniel’s statement stuns Windpower boss

The fate of one effort to establish a wind power plant in Antigua has been called into question in the light of statements made by Minister of Works Wilmoth Daniel last week. For some time, Caribbean Windpower has been lobbying the government for permission to set up a wind power plant and the company’s Managing Director Bob Tillotson expressed surprise at Minister Daniel’s statement that those discussions had “come to nought.
5 Oct 2006

MNR denies lake use for wind turbines; Decision cancels public meeting

A proposed project for wind turbines in Lake Erie off the shores of Leamington and Kingsville will not go ahead. Kingsville Mayor Nelson Santos was pleased by the decision made by the Minister of Natural Resources and said Wednesday night’s public meeting at Migration Hall has been canceled as a result. “For us, this is the appropriate decision,” said Santos following the announcement by MPPs Bruce Crozier and Pat Hoy Tuesday morning that the MNR will not allow the use of Crown lands in the bed of Lake Erie for the proposed project. “It’s a positive move, representing the wishes of the town of Kingsville and its residents,” he added. While Santos said they still support the use of green energy, he said they must find a more appropriate location.
4 Oct 2006

Turbines causing concerns with noise, health effects

Concerns with noise and health affects continue to be raised as Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Twp. council prepares their wind turbine setback bylaw. Township residents once again packed the council chambers on Sept. 19 to discuss the proposed setback requirements for wind turbines. The requirements include 400 metres from a residential building, a 600 metre setback from urban settlements and a setback requirement for roadways of 1.25 times the height of the turbine. Although council is in favour of the proposed bylaw, they deferred its passing to allow for more research to be completed and input from the public or ministry to be made. “We are leaving the setback requirements the same,” said Reeve Ben Van Diepenbeek. “In general, I think most people are pleased with the setback bylaw.” Mark Kernighan stated in a letter to council that they should not consider making the proposed changes anymore restrictive as it would be difficult for smaller farm lots to establish a wind farm.
27 Sep 2006

Wind Farm blows away

A major wind power development in Town of the Blue Mountains is dead and Brookfield Power is blaming the town. Mayor Ellen Anderson wonders how you could cancel something that never started. Brookfield Power announced they will no longer be attempting a 49.5 megawatt wind power project in Town of the Blue Mountains. But Anderson says council never even received a proposal. The possibility of an application for 20 to 30 turbines on top of Blue Mountain caused intense controversy in the town.
26 Sep 2006

Windmill firm finances trip to Gaspé

An enterprise’s is projecting to establish windmills in the region to produce wind-generated energy. To aid its cause, the company has decided to pay a short one-day visit in the Gaspé for those who decide, including a delegation from de Roussillon MRC. Mayor Gilles Yelle of St.Isidore ; Pierre Largy, MRC secretary-treasurer and director general; Lyne Dansereau, MRC layout co-ordinator, and her adjunct visited the Gaspé windmill site last Wednesday. “It is costing us nothing,” said Dansereau. “The company invited us. We will see first-hand what it looks like. And we’ll take lots of photos,” she assured. Dansereau, however, refused to disclose the name of the firm involved.
24 Sep 2006

Hundreds pack chambers to oppose wind turbines; Council turns down project

Nearly 300 people attended a Leamington Council meeting Monday night to oppose a wind farm project for Lake Erie, that would see 59 wind turbines just east of Leamington marina. The total project proposes 119 wind turbines in Pigeon Bay, including locations just off Kingsville and Union. After hearing a presentation made by Kingsville’s Dr. John Lee, who is against the proposal, and a representative, Bill Climie, of Southpoint Wind Power, council unanimously voted against it. They then made several motions to send letters to different ministries, including the Ministry of Natural Resources, Oceans and Fisheries, Parks Canada, and local MPs and MPPs to ensure that all assessments and environmental concerns would be addressed prior to the installation of any wind turbine in the Lake.
21 Sep 2006

P.E.I. begins work on $56-million wind turbine power project

CHARLOTTETOWN — Prince Edward Island is moving full steam ahead toward its goal of having 100 per cent of its electrical energy from renewable sources by 2015. Within the past two weeks, construction has begun on a 30-megawatt wind farm in the eastern part of the province. In addition, Summerside has announced the purchase of nine megawatts of wind energy and tenders have been called for the first phase of a wind-hydrogen village to be built in North Cape.
20 Sep 2006

Another wind farm proposal for Amaranth

A wind turbine project presented to Amaranth council proposes to build turbines in the southern part of the municipality to provide discounted energy first to Orangeville -- and then Amaranth. Robert Younker, head of the Orangeville and Dufferin Wind Cooperative (Orange Wind), says he's hoping Amaranth landowners are willing to consider the project -- and the monetary incentives it would bring. The plan calls for 12 18-mW turbines on land in southeast Amaranth, where landowners receive a four per cent royalty -- roughly $15,000 to $20,000 a year. Younker also suggests that though the Orange Wind initiative, royalties will rise as the Ontario electricity prices go up.
15 Sep 2006

Enbridge pulls out of Saugeen Shores

Shoreline Beacon — Enbridge is pulling its wind power interests out of Saugeen Shores, for the foreseeable future. The 11 sites of the 121-turbine project within the municipality are no longer being looked upon as possibilities within the timeline of the project, so the company is proceeding with 120 zoned sites in Kincardine. “The bylaws passed (in Saugeen Shores) do not allow anyone to install a turbine on any lot, because the setbacks are too great,” said Bob Simpson, a general manager for Enbridge in Kincardine. “Public support is really not there, neither is it from council at this time.”
13 Sep 2006
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