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Residents decry lack of wind turbine notification

His neighbours, who have optioned their land to Niagara Region Wind Corporation for its 230 megaWatt wind turbine project, were not required to share that information, nor was NRWC required to go through regular planning channels. That's because the provincial government's Green Energy Act took decision making away from local municipalities, which is a "grave" concern for Martin and others who shared their thoughts with council Monday night.
26 Oct 2011

Turbine boss blows back

Uwe Sandner, president of UDI Renewables Corporation of Nanticoke told Norfolk County council on Tuesday night he blames the Internet where "all kinds" of one-sided information against turbines is available. ...Committee member Larry Hoyt said he attended the meeting with Sandner and watched as opponents "threw" numerous questions about the impact of the project "at him that he couldn't answer."
20 Oct 2011

No deadline for wind studies

Ontario bureaucrats have been given "no firm deadline" for reporting on the possible health effects of offshore wind turbines, says the Ministry of Natural Resources. But it says one of the studies will take up to three years.
17 Oct 2011

Wind 'farms' are no such thing

Most people live in an area because they love it and here we have the McGuinty government expecting rural people to take one for the team because he knows what's best. The arrogance is appalling. How much longer are we going to hear that there is no impact on people's health and property values?
17 Oct 2011

Do the windmill studies, then go green

If wind turbines are as green as wind developers profess them to be, the studies we want will show that. The wind industry's fear of having these very specific studies done seems proof positive that they are fully aware the results will not be in favour of wind energy.
13 Oct 2011

How McGuinty's green-energy policy cost him a majority in Ontario

Many factors were at play in these rural ridings during the campaign, but the one that cut across all regions was opposition to the Liberals’ plans to erect wind turbines. The Liberals, who fell just one seat short of winning a third majority, clearly got punished in rural Ontario over their drive to push renewable sources of energy – the centrepiece of their job-creation strategy.
8 Oct 2011

Turbine ‘gag orders' taken to Superior Court

Mr. Falconer argues in his application to the Superior Court that "the concealment by contract of serious public health and safety concerns is fundamentally against the public interest." In his application, he makes reference to the ERT ruling on the 20- megawatt Kent Breeze wind farm near Thamesville, in which the tribunal said generally that there might be adverse health effects.
7 Oct 2011

Groups wants turbine moratorium

Ward 4 Councillor Susan Hampson presented a motion to pass the resolution, which would halt the 'construction of industrial wind turbines until science-based and peer reviewed regulations have been implemented to ensure public health and well-being.'
5 Oct 2011

Wind turbine project dominates all-candidates meeting

Wind turbines are popping up across Ontario and many Amherst Island residents don't want them in their area. That was the consensus among the public members speaking to provincial political hopefuls at the Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington all-candidates in the community hall Thursday night.
1 Oct 2011

Protesters shouted, heckled at local election debate

If deBock had any other difficulties during the night, it was from the types of questions he received. At one point, he said he had 14 questions, and all of them dealt with wind turbines. Other queries were presented and candidates did answer questions on a variety of different issues.
30 Sep 2011

Offshore wind company sues province for $2.25 billion

"Ontario assassinated the company and the offshore industry by stealth through a press release," John Kourtoff, the head of Trillium Wind Power Corp., told CBC News. The financial damages the company is seeking are to cover the $5.3 million already spent and the lost potential revenue, Kourtoff said.
29 Sep 2011

Wind power firm files $2.25 billion lawsuit

Trillium has been planning a wind farm of up to 6oo megawatts in the waters of Lake Ontario near Kingston ...It was halted in its tracks in February when the province put a moratorium on all off-shore wind projects, saying it needs to do further studies about possible health effects.
29 Sep 2011

Wind-energy firm Trillium Power sues Ontario

Ontario Minister of Energy Brad Duguid dismissed the lawsuit as "ridiculous" and "frivolous" and said the amount of the claim is "laughable." He noted that Trillium did not have contracts with the government for any of its projects, and said the province had an obligation to ensure offshore wind is safe before allowing any construction to go ahead.
29 Sep 2011

Wind turbine debate sparked in Ontario election

At a campaign stop in Toronto, Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty, who has championed renewable power with the 2009 Green Energy Act, defended wind turbines, referring to a May 2010 provincial health report that failed to find a link between the noise they emit and medical problems.
23 Sep 2011
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