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Support for turbine control law grows

Support is growing for Arran- Elderslie's bylaw to control industrial windfarm development using a section of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, based on health and safety concerns. In April, Arran-Elderslie passed the bylaw in an attempt to block wind turbine development within the municipality. ...To date, about 20 municipalities have endorsed Arran-Elderslie's bylaw.
1 Jul 2010

Bylaw to control turbines in effect

Arran-Elderslie has passed a bylaw to control wind turbine development based on health concerns and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Council unanimously approved final reading to the bylaw Monday, although there was disagreement about using taxpayers' money to defend it if it should be challenged. ...The bylaw calls for "the protection of life, liberty and security of person" under Section 7 of the Charter, claiming wind turbines cause serious health effects.
11 May 2010

Arran-Elderslie tries to block wind turbine development

Arran-Elderslie has given first and second readings to a draft bylaw to amend the municipal code in order to invoke a section of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in an attempt to block wind turbine development within the municipality. ..."We owe it to our people to maintain their health and well-being," Davis said calling the wind turbine landscape in nearby Bruce Township "disgraceful and disgusting."
30 Apr 2010

Sackville passes by-laws for wind turbines; Council divided over zoning regulations

Debate about the development of wind power within the town of Sackville has been widespread in the last two months, as the introduction of bylaws by the planning commission were tabled before the town council. The by-laws cover both turbines for individual use, and wind farms, with a generation capacity exceeding three megawatts. At the council meeting on November 9, the by-laws passed by a vote of 4-3.
20 Nov 2009

Wind power regulations approved in 4-3 vote

Despite contentious debate last week over whether the town should open itself up to wind energy proposals at all, council decided in the end it was best to put the needed regulations in place instead of leaving the town without a strategy to guide a sector that is fast developing around the world. Coun. Margaret Tusz-King said the new wind power regulations, which were approved as part of Sackville's new zoning bylaw last Monday night, include "stringent limitations on how and where turbines will be erected."
19 Nov 2009

Council tries to slow turbines

Arran-Elderslie is likely to impose a one-year moratorium, with a possible one-year extension, on construction of large wind turbines. Council is expected to pass an interim control bylaw Oct. 26 despite being told by the provincial government such bylaws are not allowed. "There are a lot of people with some real concerns about these turbines," Elderslie ward Coun. Mark Davis told council.
20 Oct 2009

New wind turbine rules announced

Standardized setbacks, domestic manufacturing content and a reworked approval process are among the province’s new wind turbine regulations. As part of the Green Energy Act, there will also be a feed-in tariff program, which allows everyone from homeowners to large developers to sell power to the grid. ... This distance would increase with the number of turbines and sound level ratings. The province also integrated various approvals — including environmental and municipal — into the Renewable Energy Approval process.
24 Sep 2009

Two large wind power applications deferred again

It's not so much about what is on the agenda for Monday's Chatham-Kent planning meeting, but what is not. Two wind power applications for a total of 98 new wind turbines to be built in Chatham-Kent have been deferred again. ...[municipal planning consultant Tom Storey of Storey] speculated this is because new regulations are expected to come down soon under the new Green Energy Act.
17 Sep 2009

Land rezoning sparks opposition

Municipal District of Pincher Creek held a meeting to decide on whether or not to re-zone parcels of land North of the Oldman River so that more wind farm development could occur in the area. Presently some of the land around the existing wind farms is zoned for agriculture and has to be re-zoned as Wind Farm Industrial in order for the proposed project to proceed.
10 Sep 2009

Wind farm opponents will have say; Group has concerns about turbines

A citizens group opposing development of a wind farm in Alnwick/Haldimand Township has asked the environment ministry for an extension of the public consultation period on proposed provincial regulations on wind turbines, and has been granted the chance to comment. That's important to the group because proposed distances to residences are not sufficient, nor are the maximum noise levels, spokesperson Tova White contends.
6 Aug 2009

Wind turbine sites approved by town

Kingsville council has approved the sites for 19 wind turbines east of Cottam but delayed a decision on three others because of concerns over two nearby air strips. Council agreed Monday to 19 site-specific bylaws for turbines as the public got to see Brookfield Power Corporation's location for 22 wind turbines. ..."Flying by these would be dangerous," Ronald Bell said Tuesday. Turbulence is the concern.
29 Jul 2009

Council leery of wind farm proposal

A global wind energy company with a subsidiary in Burlington is conducting two wind studies in Arran-Elderslie and council does not think either location is good or the 120-metre towers. "We should let them know we don't want them," said Coun. Mark Davis. NextEra Energy Resources is proposing to erect six windmills at each location.
14 Jul 2009

Backyard wind turbines are neither green nor safe

As opponents of the proposed backyard wind turbine at 70 Iona St., we can assure readers that it was not "fear of the unknown" that led to our opposition to the installation. It was concern about the known. The Ontario Municipal Board decision focused on planning issues and the applicant as a result failed on all four required tests for the minor variance Graham Findlay sought.
10 Jul 2009

Huron agricultural group seeks moratorium on wind power projects

The federation's directors discussed the current debate around wind turbine developments at their June meeting and passed two resolutions. One was to request lower-tier municipalities in Huron to enact a moratorium on commercial wind energy projects pending results of an epidemiological study conducted into the health impacts of the specific infrastructure on residents living near such developments. The other was to support the study.
3 Jul 2009

Digby council delays decision on wind turbine

The wind turbine bylaw has been in the works since last year. ...Corey Basel, vice-president of SkyPower Corp., said his company did not support passing the draft bylaw, which he said was ambiguous. ...One interesting aspect of the draft bylaw is the tight control the municipality would have over backyard wind turbines.
1 Jul 2009

Wind Tower proposal causes confusion

Members of Grey Highlands council did their best to clear up some confusion about a wind tower planning application the is currently before the municipality. The public galleries at Monday morning's meeting were once again full of opponents of the AIM Power Generation planning proposal to install a number of wind towers in the southern part of Grey Highlands.
25 Jun 2009
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