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Haldimand realtors say home values will drop; Realtors recall industrial hog farm scare

About a decade ago, large industrial pork operations were moving into the area, and residents and politicians were concerned about the environmental and fiscal impact of the farms. ...This pattern of events is unfolding all over again, say local realtors, as Haldimand becomes home to one of Canada’s largest wind energy projects.
13 Jun 2013

The high cost of wind power

This power cost taxpayers $135 per megawatt, totalling $7,852,276. At the same time, because wind power has priority over cheaper forms of electricity production, Ontario had to export 127,361 megawatt hours at $20.40 per megawatt. But by far the worst fact about that weekend is that OPG spilled (or wasted) clean renewable hydro power because of wind priority on the grid.
23 May 2013

Corbella: To eat or heat? That's the EU's question

The green lobby in Europe is so strong that it has pushed EU politicians to oppose virtually every kind of reliable non-renewable energy. ..."Ordinary families and small and medium-sized businesses are essentially subsidizing the investments of green do-gooders," who can afford to install solar panels on their homes and their businesses. But what's really starting to cause citizens and policy-makers to question their green energy agenda, is that soaring energy costs are driving energy-intensive industries in Europe to move to the United States.
15 May 2013

Ontario paying a high price for Green Energy Act

A deliberate attempt to obscure the cost of those decisions by releasing only partial numbers? Testimony before the justice committee this week has shown the Liberals knew the $40-million cost of the Oakville cancellation that the former energy minister had insisted was the only true cost, in fact, referred only to sunk costs, and that the final bill would actually be much higher.
11 Apr 2013

A proposed wind turbine development could be hurting home sales on Amherst Island

Janet Grace, Real Estate Agent, Royal LePage: "All it takes is just saying well there is a project that has been proposed that entails bringing 33 to 37 huge wind turbines and people just say oh no no no we'll walk away from that." This is the second time Best's home has been put on the market and without a buyer she is left with few options.
12 Mar 2013

Ontarians could be able to decline wind power

Last year, Ontario spent millions of dollars paying other states and provinces to take our excess power, most of it from renewables. But the contracts between the province and wind companies gave wind power first dibs on the grid, meaning Ontario was paying other jurisdictions to take some of most expensive power, while spilling cheaper hydroelectric power at Niagara Falls.
5 Mar 2013

Regulator urged to reject NSP bid to include wind farm cost in rates

Nova Scotia Power should shoulder the risk related to its partnership in a Lunenburg County wind farm instead of expecting ratepayers to do so ...John Brereton, president of Natural Forces Wind Inc., urged the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board to reject the power company's bid to include its $93-million share of the capital cost of the South Canoe project in rates.
20 Feb 2013

Expert raps NSP on wind farm cost

He also said having such a policy would protect ratepayers from cost overruns. The board would also be ensuring that any future competitive bidding process to award green-energy contracts is fair, he said. Otherwise, Nova Scotia Power and its partners could potentially submit a low bid, win the contract and then seek to recover their actual higher costs in rates, Todd said.
24 Jan 2013

The jury's back: green power is too expensive

A recent study by respected energy economist Gerry Angevine for the Fraser Institute found that Ontario residents will pay an average of $285 million more for electricity each year for the next 20 years as a result of subsidies to renewable energy companies. ...Even more alarming for the province's economic competitiveness, businesses and industrial customers will be hit by almost $12 billion in additional costs over the same period.
6 May 2012

Hydro surcharge crippling North Bay manufacturer

Last year the North Bay manufacturer of polyethylene fabrics paid $1 million on its hydro bill for global adjustment costs - money that is used to pay the 20 year guaranteed contracts for alternative energy sources such as solar panels and wind generation entering the provincial power grid. The cost of supporting alternative power "was 42 percent of my hydro bill last year."
15 Mar 2012

Green energy proves costly for all of us

There's a line on corporate energy bills called the "Global Adjustment." It's that line that pays for renewable energy projects. Spencer's seen the GA soar over the past few years -- from 5% of his bill to 42%. In his most recent report, provincial Auditor-General Jim McCarter warned that by 2014, the Global Adjustment is expected to be six cents per kilowatt hour -- nearly two-thirds of the total electricity charge.
10 Mar 2012
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