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Testing wind turbines for noise

With the turbines up and running, a local man is concerned about noise levels coming from a nearby wind farm. Quebec-based Boralex has a five-turbine operation close to the Mallard Line residence of Paul Kirktown. "We don't hear them all the time," he said. "(But) it's woke us up at night and kept us awake."
21 Apr 2010

Will wind blow enviros apart?

Now a new community-level movement is arising in Michigan and across the Great Lakes region. This time, established green groups may be separating themselves from it. As Michigan and other state and provincial agencies move to authorize wind farms in the Great Lakes, enviros outside the affected communities are not likely to join offshore wind opponents in any significant numbers.
21 Apr 2010

City raises concerns over offshore windmills

City council voted Monday night to endorse a March 8 motion by Amherstburg council that calls on provincial and federal politicians and ministries to look into "the potential impact that offshore wind turbines might have on water quality, human health, along with animal and plant life." Amherstburg's resolution was endorsed by county council earlier this month.
20 Apr 2010

Ainslie seeks industrial use ban to stop lake wind turbines

Paul Ainslie wants other Scarborough councillors to join him in preventing the "industrialization" of the Scarborough Bluffs through the erection of wind turbines. The Scarborough East councillor is bringing a motion to Monday's, April 19, executive committee meeting at city hall asking the city to urge the province to place a moratorium on any new wind turbine agreements. He sent out a letter to residents urging their voice to be heard. Ainslie had been told the item will be dealt with at 2 p.m. on Monday.
16 Apr 2010

Residents weigh in on wind turbine debate

The wind turbine debate is heating up, following an announcement last Thursday (April 8), regarding three proposed wind projects in Pontypool and Bethany. Area city councillor Dave Marsh, Ward 16, told This Week, that the overwhelming feedback he has received from his constituents regarding the projects has been negative. "My constituency went so far as to go door-to-door ... and they found that about 90 per cent of people were against it," he said.
16 Apr 2010

Council defers turbine location report

Fearing legal ramifications, city council chose to defer a proposed resolution calling for a report on Horizon Wind Inc.'s revised plan for 18 wind turbines on the Nor'Wester Mountains. The report, solely to give council information to vote for or against the location of the turbines, was originally scheduled to be delivered on May 17.
14 Apr 2010

Angry residents oppose offshore wind farm proposal

Approximately 100 residents turned out to a public meeting Saturday night and loudly voiced opposition to a proposed wind farm development. SouthPoint Wind is proposing a wind development that, when completed, would have roughly 700 turbines in Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair. A total of 55 turbines would be located one to two kilometers off of Lakewood Beach shoreline in Amherstburg with five in the first phase and the remainder in the next phase.
31 Mar 2010

Controversy blows in about the health effects of wind turbines

Companies applying for wind farms require only two things: Renewable energy approval from the Ontario Ministry of Environment and a power contract with Ontario Power Authority. What isn’t apparently required is any sort of health study examining the effects of living beneath several of these behemoths; even though the province openly admits more needs to be known.
31 Mar 2010

Turbine issues discussed at public info meeting

When compared to the previous public meetings on the topic of the proposed Belwood Wind Farm, the meeting hosted at CWDHS on Thursday, March 25, was as much a tea party as it was anything else. Minus the angry, shouting crowds from earlier this month, an audience of close to 600 people filled the cafeteria at the Fergus high school to hear three speakers talking about their personal experiences with the effects of wind turbines.
31 Mar 2010

Do proper study on turbines

I'm responding to a letter that Dick Hill from Collingwood wrote to tell me about how so many rural people want turbines and how wonderful it is in Melancthon, specifically Dufferin County Road 17. Dick describes this area in Melancthon as being representative of ideal harmony between rural people and industrial wind. Currently Royal Lepage in Orangeville has a house listed for sale on County Road 17.
31 Mar 2010

Wind farm plans upset county dwellers

Opponents of the project have a laundry list of concerns they say are legitimate and understudied. They include health issues, such as the potential for headaches, heart palpitations, epileptic seizures and autism; annoyances such as low frequency noise and shadow flicker, which occurs when the rotating blades break up the sunlight; and the impact on wildlife such as bats and migratory birds.
20 Mar 2010

Actions fall short of health study, wind group says

Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock MPP Rick Johnson has written City of Kawartha Lakes council in the aftermath of local school concerns over wind turbines. The Trillium Lakelands District School Board has officially given its backing to the Manvers Gone With The Wind group, which is looking for the Ontario government to produce an independent study on the health effects of wind turbines.
11 Mar 2010

Are wind farms a health risk?

Wind energy is blowing hot right now. Nationwide, wind farms are bringing in renewable energy and jobs, such as in Montana, as detailed in "Propelling Growth." Overall, wind turbines in the United States generated 52 billion kilowatt hours in 2008 ...The number of wind turbines in the U.S. nearly doubled between 2006 and 2008, according to the DOE. But it isn't all good, according to Dr. Nina Pierpont, who has studied families living near wind turbines.
1 Mar 2010

Turbine opponents organize in Meaford

Wind Concerns Meaford is holding a public meeting on Wednesday to raise awareness about wind energy concerns in the municipality and elsewhere. At least one developer has a wind testing tower in the former Sydenham Township near Balaclava. Organic farmer Nicholos Schaut is one of the evening's speakers. ...He said his family moved to get away from the effects of wind turbines that were located too close to the family home and a nearby potential aggregate development proposal.
1 Mar 2010

Wind and health

Society for Wind Vigilance chair Bob McMurtry was in Thunder Bay Friday to talk about wind turbines and the adverse health affects associated with them. McMurtry, an orthopedic surgeon and professor emeritus at the University of Western Ontario, has been lobbying the provincial government to obtain third-party studies on wind farms since 2008.
20 Feb 2010
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