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Cash offer ‘an insult'

A company looking to build a controversial wind farm on Amherst Island has quietly offered Loyalist Township a payment of $7.5 million over the lifetime of the project, the Whig-Standard has learned. That doesn't sit well with the head of a group opposed to the construction, who decried the payments as shameful.
1 May 2012

Pier wind turbine cancelled

The wind turbine planned for the Brant Street pier has been cancelled, after members of the city's Community Services Committee heard the costs would be prohibitive to proceed, and the benefits negligible.
26 Apr 2012

OFA didn't want to politicize wind power: Wales

He also pointed to concerns about negative health impacts around turbines as another matter still unresolved. It's not enough for the province to have only conducted a review of existing literature, he said. "Sooner or later, they're going to have to debunk what's false or deal with the stuff that's true. "If you have a problem, solve it, and then tell people you've solved it.
10 Apr 2012

Couple loses property assessment challenge

Andrew said the review board would be creating a "slippery slope" by acknowledging that wind turbines devalue property value, much the same as having an airport or highway nearby. Kenney hopes the ruling doesn't discourage others from taking up the challenge.
7 Apr 2012

Delay for Dorcas Lane wind farm plan?

Aylesbury Vale District Council has written to the developer of the proposed wind farm site last week saying that recent bat surveys done in the area were unsatisfactory according to the council's biodiversity Green Spaces Team.
3 Apr 2012

Power protest blows into Toronto

So far, much of the debate around wind power subsidies has raged outside urban cores, but Wind Concerns Ontario brought their complaints to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Tuesday where green energy industries were participating in a Feed In Tariff (FIT) forum.
3 Apr 2012

Wind turbine plant shuts down Windsor

The closure of the WindTronics plant in the 600 block of Sprucewood Avenue leaves about 20 employees without a job. But that number pales in comparison to the 200 jobs the Michigan-based company promised when it accepted a green energy grant from the provincial government.
30 Mar 2012

Ontario company threatened by green energy policy

Fabrene vice-president John Spencer says the Global Adjustment fee charged to offset the premiums Ontario pays for wind and solar power increased seven-fold in recent years to $1 million a year. NaiKun received approval for wind energy incentives -- which could eventually be worth at least $1 million a year for electricity from its proposed offshore windmills at the north end of the Queen Charlotte Islands -- after the Harper government announced the incentives in January 2007.
7 Mar 2012

University to conduct wind turbine study in Haldimand-Norfolk

The University of Waterloo is about to embark on what they are calling an extensive study to discover the health effects, if any, of wind turbines on residents living nearby... all in our own backyard. Researchers will be in the Haldimand and Norfolk area beginning next month to start handing out surveys to residents living near and far away from wind turbines.
22 Feb 2012

N.S. won't suspend assessment of wind farm

A group called the Gulf Shore Preservation Association wrote Environment Minister Stirling Belliveau on Wednesday to say a public consultation now underway should be suspended. The association says the developer, Pugwash Wind Farm Inc., should have to provide more information on the $85-million project before the process continues.
16 Feb 2012

Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. announces withdrawal from minority interest wind investment

Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. today announced that it plans not to proceed with the previously announced investment in First Wind Holdings, LLC's ("First Wind") wind portfolio in the North East United States. The initial joint announcement with Emera Inc. in April 2011 had contemplated APUC acquiring a minority interest of approximately 12.5% in the Portfolio, representing an approximate U.S. $83 million investment.
28 Jan 2012

Turbine opponents cry foul

Wind-turbine opponents are demanding Adelaide Metcalfe council repeal a new turbine-building fee it imposed unexpectedly and without notifying them. ..."I was flabbergasted," said activist Esther Wrightman, to discover from a councillor's Facebook page that in one night council had proposed, debated, approved and passed into bylaw the new fees. "I didn't believe it at first."
26 Jan 2012

Turbine opposition wants 2-km setback

Wainfleet residents want a bylaw calling for a two-kilometre setback for wind turbines and 100% restitution of property values by the wind energy industry. Judith Atkinson, of the Wainfleet Ratepayers Association, asked for the bylaw at Tuesday night's township council meeting, stating council has an ethical and legal obligation to protect residents from the noise and annoyance of wind turbines.
26 Jan 2012
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