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Wind-farm health fears grow

Self-testing by a small group of Waubra residents could reveal a link between wind turbines and health. South Australian doctor Sarah Laurie, director of the Waubra Foundation, says early indications suggest a possible link between turbine operation and early-morning blood pressure problems.
1 Dec 2010

The big lie

The shrillness and sheer emptiness of the McGuinty Liberals' arguments on the energy file has been revealing in recent weeks. It is, I think, a measure of the desperation the provincial government is feeling less than a year away from an election. They realize the anger and resentment they've stirred up in rural Ontario, where they have unleashed their industrial wind energy experiments.
28 Nov 2010

Wind farms are not welcome

Ontario has become a "free for all" for wind farm corporations from all over north America. These companies are being handed our province on a silver platter to erect massive turbines without being accountable for what happens after they've been erected - and our provincial government has no way of holding them accountable.
24 Nov 2010

Not listening to wind farm opponents

Out of sheer frustration of our democratic process I contact you. A wind turbine project is proposed to be built within a kilometre of my home. As a spokesperson for a group of over 300 signed residents who petitioned for a moratorium on all wind turbines, we feel misrepresented by our local MPP, John Wilkinson, the minister of the environment.
22 Nov 2010

Symposium speaker: Lawsuit against MOE goes to court Jan. 24-25

One of the key speakers was Dr. Michael Nissenbaum, a radiologist at Northern Maine Medical Centre and certified by the Royal College of Physicians of Canada, and American Board of Radiology. His research represented the world's first controlled study of alleged adverse health effects related to industrial wind turbines. His research was conducted at Mars Hill, Maine and at Vinalhaven, Maine.
21 Nov 2010

Health unit to cost out turbine health study

There is no doubt, she said, that some people are suffering. "There's not too many other technologies when they're introduced that cause about 15% of the people, at least in some of the areas we have, to be affected by it." She said symptoms from people have been "pretty consistent throughout, and I think the fact that the closer you are to them, the more people have symptoms, is a start on all of this."
20 Nov 2010

Unity of knowledge

Among the more worrisome bits of information gleaned from the weekend conference was that current assumptions of safe setbacks are likely wrong. Many opponents of large scale industrial wind factories have pressed for setbacks from homes of at least two kilometres. (Ontario's Green Energy Act prescribes setbacks of just 550 metres.) But studies done by sound experts John Harrison and Richard James now show that in some conditions the low-frequency noise can travel up to 15 kilometres.
5 Nov 2010

Opponents blown away by ignorance

Pierpont said governments, including Ontario's, are ignoring those reported risks. She is pushing for turbines to be placed 1.5 to two kilometres from homes, but said governments and turbine companies aren't listening. "None of them are willing to talk about setbacks that are really enough."
3 Nov 2010

Frasers looking for relief from wind turbines

The constant "swoosh" of the blades makes sleeping difficult leading to sleep deprivation and that worries them as the sound, which becomes more pronounced during humid nights and during wind storms, keeps their two-year-old Harland awake. ...real estate agents have said the home is worthless based solely on its proximity to the turbines.
6 Oct 2010

Wind turbines blow an ill wind say panelists

Keith Stelling lives on Arran Lake and relishes in being a proponent of NIMBYism - Not in My Back Yard. And it's for a good reason, he says. "My backyard is worth protecting. I feel I have a responsibility to protect the heritage of our children and grandchildren. It's going to be destroyed if we let this go ahead," said Stelling, who spent three years studying the flora and fauna of the Arran Lake area.
3 Oct 2010

Hundreds hear wind warnings

McMurtry's journey with wind farms began in January 2008, when he first heard of a project slated for his home territory. He decided to embark on some research after being told the turbine projects were positive because they provide 'green' energy and are income generators. "I did some research and became concerned," he says. "The concern led to alarm."
20 Sep 2010

Injunction granted, then lifted against wind farm

An ex parte order issued by the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon on Aug. 25 granted David McKinnon an interim injunction preventing further construction on the Red Lily Wind Energy Project. The defendants in the case—the Red Lily Power Limited Partnership, the Red Lily Wind Energy Corp. and the RMs of Martin and Moosomin—were not informed that McKinnon would be seeking an in junction.
6 Sep 2010

Wind power's health debate rages

Their clash is more than academic: McMurtry expects both will end up as witnesses on opposing sides in what he hopes will be a landmark case out of Prince Edward County in Eastern Ontario challenging Ontario's Green Energy Act, which threw open the door for wind farms as part of a plan to ween Ontario off coal-fired power plants.
4 Sep 2010
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