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The great divide over wind power; Where winds blow, storms follow

"It sucks," says Elmes. "The noise is, at times, huge." Sometimes it sounds like a pulsing jet engine. At other times, it's a constant rumble, like an endless freight train passing. Neighbours tell her it's like living near an airport. "The range of noise is unbelievable, and it's all so completely different from what you're used to that you just stop whatever you're doing," Elmes says. "I used to love my neighbourhood. I don't anymore."
21 May 2011

Families blame transformers for ills

They were forced from their home, she said, for the sake of their health, and to dispose of their horses. They have sold all but eight at sacrifice prices. Why had they waited so long to go public? Ms. Kidd said it was only at the urging of friends that she came out in the open with her story and posted the video.
21 Apr 2011

Doc questioned on turbine evidence

Dr. Robert McCunney, a co-author of the a 2009 review of wind turbine reports for the American and Canadian wind energy associations - which concluded there is no adverse effects on human health due to wind turbine noise - was challenged on whether he still believes this is the case.
31 Mar 2011

Wind turbine opponents lose fight

The three judges in Toronto didn't dismiss the evidence presented by anti-turbine experts who are also making their case in Chatham -- the panel merely said such a matter was better decided before an environmental review panel, Gillespie said. Those who say the turbines harm health say the devices emit low-pitched sounds that disrupt the body's rhythms and cause headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, rapid heart rate, irritability and problems with concentration and memory.
4 Mar 2011

Wind energy's dirty secret

While the Liberals insist it's all about clean energy, a recent article in a British newspaper shows wind turbines are anything but green. A story by Simon Parry and Ed Douglas in the Daily Mail, Jan. 29, describes a horrific toxic stew brewing in China as a result of our search for the great, green holy grail.
26 Feb 2011

Tribunal hears health concerns over wind energy

Opponents of wind energy in Ontario took another step this week, as a provincial tribunal heard arguments over the impact of wind turbines on human health. Ontario's Environmental Review Tribunal was in Chatham, Ont., to hear a challenge over a licence given to energy giant Suncor to build an eight-turbine wind power project in Chatham-Kent.
19 Feb 2011

Environmental noise the fundamental problem with wind turbines

What I have found particularly intriguing is the consistent and almost automatic dismissal of the health impacts for those colocated with the turbines. I have listened to people arbitrarily dismiss health issues as being psychosomatic or regurgitate the popular excuse of the lack of scientific evidence. With respect, I would suggest to those who support these notions that you have completely misunderstood the problem.
3 Feb 2011

Wind farms deserve more study, MOH says

"It is clear that many people in many different parts of Grey Bruce and southwestern Ontario have been dramatically impacted by the noise and proximity of wind farms. To dismiss all these people as eccentric, unusual or as hyper-sensitive social outliers does a disservice to constructive public discourse" about the issue.
2 Feb 2011

We need to weigh effects of wind farms

Dr. Lynn is right. More study is needed on the effects of wind farms on everything from the future cost of electricity to health concerns. And local planning control must be restored as a first step by the government towards making amends to the people of rural Ontario.
31 Jan 2011

Wind on trial

Several doctors have lined up behind Hanna's challenge, saying turbines emit low-pitched sounds that disrupt the body's normal rhythms and cause ailments including headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, rapid heart rate, irritability and problems with concentration and memory. Those concerns have been dismissed as irrelevant by lawyers representing the Ontario government.
24 Jan 2011
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