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Turbine trouble for Travis

Among the rolling grassy slopes of the Montezuma Hills, statuesque wind turbines loom over wheat fields, cattle and sheep. The approximately 700 turbines, each with three blades atop 400-foot towers, whirl amid the Delta breezes. Thus, a couple thousand blades lumbering through circles of air 200 feet in diameter, are hard to miss. Especially on radar. That detail has Travis Air Force Base officials doing a double take at plans to expand the wind farm, which chews up the air east of the base. Air Force officials say a proposed plan to install more than 100 additonal turbines in the Montezuma Hills could cause problems with future aircraft-control radar at Travis. And they know this because the turbines already whirling away are causing problems.
6 May 2007

Wind turbines plan, Travis radar at odds

A plan to install more than 100 additional wind turbines in the Montezuma Hills has been shelved for at least six months, and possibly longer. The proposed location of the turbines, which are similar to some 700 currently operating in the hills, is one which would pose problems to the aircraft control radar used by Travis Air Force Base.
20 Apr 2007

Board adopts height rules to help protect military planes

The action comes a year after Supervisor Judy Mikels asked for a study based on concerns that arose in Kern County over proposals for wind generation farms rising hundreds of feet into the air. Not only did the height of the wind turbines threaten the air space, but the devices could also interfere with pilots' radio frequencies, planning officials said.
28 Jun 2006
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