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Wind farm? Goodbye neighborhood

Anyone who knows George Bedford knows that when something irks him he doesn't keep it a secret. Bedford and his wife bought a ranch in Miguelito Canyon several years ago so that they could enjoy a rural lifestyle and now he is getting a bothersome neighbor.
30 Aug 2011

‘Now is time to act,' wind-farm foe says

The Bureau of Land Management has been directed by California legislature to fast-track feasibility studies for wind and solar power projects. This rush to meet renewable energy requirements has created a new gold rush on the Mojave Desert's resources. "There are better ways to go green than destroying the wilderness."
10 Aug 2011

Turbine maker accused of fraud

"DyoCore actions have negatively impacted legitimate competition under this program, since other providers of small wind systems are unable to compete with DyoCore's low-cost systems, claims that are based on a false premise," Robert Oglesby, executive director of the commission.
29 Jul 2011

Pahnamid turbine meeting: residents tell county they don't want project

Attorney Kassandra McQuillen said the county's reduced setback requirement between towers and residences may constitute an unlawful taking. "It's the shortest setback in the nation," she said. "This is the only project I have serious problems with," said McQuillen, who has negotiated wind project leases for many property owners but refuses to write leases for the Pahnamid project.
12 May 2011

SDG&E wind farm scaled back after protests

SDG&E originally planned to put up to $600 million of ratepayer funds into the farm, which was to be 309 megawatts. But critics complained to the California Public Utilities Commission that the financing arrangement put too much of the risk on ratepayers. They also didn't like the fact that the power would actually be sold in Canada, with SDG&E getting certificates.
12 Apr 2011

California firm joins Molokai wind project

First Wind missed the deadline, citing its inability to secure land for the wind proj­ect. First Wind, which is not an official party in the case before the PUC, asked HECO to petition the commission for a deadline extension on its behalf. When HECO declined, First Wind appealed directly to the PUC.
4 Apr 2011

Sand Canyon wind project draws crowd

"We want to know what your concerns are in this very early stage of design," Smith said. "We don't want it," canyon resident Steve Steele said. "Put one in your backyard first and then you can put one in mine." ...Residents expressed concerns including access, safety, wildfire potential, noise, and impact on the environment and wildlife as well as their property values.
23 Feb 2011

Cape Cod Commission hearing on turbine regs continued to Feb. 3

The larger change is the addition of a minimum required setback for noise mitigation. Turbines with a maximum generation capacity equal to or greater than one megawatt would be required to maintain a 3,000-foot minimum setback from the nearest receptor (person living within visual or audible range) or residential parcel. The exception: if the noise study shows to the Commission’s satisfaction minimal noise impacts to residents, the CCC may approve a reduced setback.
28 Jan 2011
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