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Wind companies fear impact of noise law changes

Companies claim a Coalition government will undermine the development of wind farms across the south-west if it introduces stricter controls on noise levels. Revelations this week that an Abbott-led government would force companies to release noise levels online have again raised questions for the renewable energy industry.
15 Jun 2013

Windfarm industry fears consequences of Coalition turbine noise policy

The yet-to-be-released resources policy is set to require all windfarms to provide "real-time" noise monitoring, with the findings immediately publicly available, so nearby residents concerned about the alleged health impact of windfarms can compare the results with strict state government noise controls. The Coalition resources spokesman, Ian Macfarlane, will also try to introduce the measures before the election with a private members bill.
11 Jun 2013

Wind industry angered over red tape

Wind energy producers are in a twist after being forced to demonstrate they are operating within noise limits every time they seek to surrender renewable energy certificates. As of the start of June, all large-scale power stations accredited under the renewable energy target will have to submit a "standing notice" of ongoing compliance with all local, state and federal planning and approval requirements.
29 May 2013

An ill wind

In less than a fortnight, the small community of King Island will vote on whether a crucial part of Australia's clean energy future should proceed to the next stage. But the islanders are sharply divided, after claims by health promotion company the Waubra Foundation, and their controversial CEO Dr Sarah Laurie, that the noise wind turbines make harms human health. Sarah Dingle investigates.
27 May 2013

Response to article by S. Cooper, “Wind farm noise - an ethical dilemma for the Australian Acoustical Society?”

2013_41_1_tumneyletter_thumb This letter by acoustician, Ray Tumney, addresses a consistent resistance by the Australian Acoustical Society to address the problem of wind turbine noise emissions. A portion of his letter is provided below. The entire letter can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. Mr. Tumney's letter supports comments by acoustician Stephen Cooper's document on this issue ( ).
1 Apr 2013

Critique of South Australian EPA study on Infrasound Levels New Wind farms and other Environments

Cooper-critique-resonate_thumb Dr. Steven Cooper, an Australian acoustician with considerable experience measuring wind turbine sound emissions, prepared this important and detailed critique of a study sponsored by the South Australia EPA on low-frequency noise. The SA EPA report insisted that infrasound emitted by wind turbines was not different from infrasound from other sources in the environment. Dr. Cooper exposes the fatal flaws in the EPA's methodology for surveying the sound. Excerpts of his critique are provided below. The full report can be accessed by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.
26 Feb 2013

"The biggest government sponsored fraud in the history of our country"

120213_alby_schultz_renewable_energy_hansard_thumb The following speech was given on the floor of the Australian Parliament, House of Representatives, by the Member for Hume, Alby Schultz. Mr. Schultz addresses the failure of the Waubra wind farm and others to operate within the limits of their permits, the high cost and inefficient operation of wind turbines and, what he deems fraudulent issue of RECs to shell companies overseas.
12 Feb 2013

Wind fight prompts turbine test

The EPA will measure sounds down to 0.25 hertz and will ensure wind turbine operator TRUenergy turns the wind turbines off and on when requested to get an accurate measure of background noise. The testing follows a joint study in Wisconsin in the US that found enough evidence to "classify low frequency noise and infrasound as a serious issue, possibly affecting the future of the (wind) industry".
10 Feb 2013
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