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Chief economist backs cut to renewable energy targets

"Look, the Renewable Energy Target is - it's corporate welfare on a massive scale directed towards the renewable sector. I don't know why anyone would have any level of sympathy for businesses that - they don't employ many people, that they don't export anything and they've surreptitiously imposed these massive costs on energy consumers for the sake of lining their own profits."
17 Feb 2014

Climate policies helped kill manufacturing, says Maurice Newman

Maurice Newman also says climate change policies driven by "scientific delusion" have been a major factor in the collapse of Australia's manufacturing sector. Mr Newman said protection of climate change policies and the renewable energy industry by various state governments smacked of a "cover-up". Mr Newman's comments follow those of Dow Chemicals chairman and chief executive Andrew Liveris, who said Australia was losing its natural advantage of abundant and cheap energy.
31 Dec 2013

Moyne mayor calls for inquiry into wind farm subsidies

Data from the Australian Energy Market Operator showed that on July 4, when the Macarthur, Portland and Lake Bonney wind farms shut down at the same time, there were no blackouts over four states because coal-fired power stations picked up the load in seconds. "The back-up coal was being burnt anyway," Mr Cumming said. "The wind farms were not abating any greenhouse gas, so why on earth are we building and subsidising them?
12 Aug 2013

Public cash flows for wind farm

"This CEFC was established to provide finance for new clean energy projects that could not secure finance through conventional means, not to prop up existing projects owned by other governments. Clearly this refinancing would have occurred on commercial terms without the involvement of the CEFC. It is an entirely inappropriate use of borrowed taxpayers' money."
2 Jul 2013

The ruinous privileges of renewable energy

But now the renewable energy chickens are coming back home, roosting in their nests and fouling them at the same time. Those in the electricity supply industry who can read the wind realise that their management of the industry will come under close scrutiny as new governments come to office and respond to the political forces that helped to get them there.
1 Jul 2012

Credit price plunge threatens wind farm

Dorset Mayor Barry Jarvis has called on the Federal Government to offer greater incentives to companies developing renewable energy. His call comes as doubt hangs over renewable energy company Roaring 40s' proposed $350 million wind farm development at Musselroe, as the price of renewable energy credits plummets. When Roaring 40s planned the wind farm, renewable energy credits were worth more than $50 each - that has fallen to below $30.
29 Dec 2009
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