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New Zealand wind farm noise: Revised draft Standard

Noisez6808-dz6808publiccommentdraft_thumb DZ 6808 is a revision of NZS 6808:1998 Acoustics - The assessment and measurement of sound from wind turbine generators. The 1998 version was written prior to significant wind farm development in New Zealand. The basic methodology proved robust, but experience and research over the following decade brought to light numerous refinements and enhancements, which are now addressed in the revised draft.
25 Feb 2009

Brief of evidence by Dr Dave Bennett called by the Tararua-Aokautere Guardians Inc.

Drdavidbennettnoise_thumb In October 2006, Palmerston North City Council and Horowhenua District Council received land use consent applications from Motorimu Wind Farm Limited to construct, operate and maintain 129 wind turbines as part of a proposal known as the ‘Motorimu Wind Farm’. In June 2007, consent was granted for 75 of the proposed turbines to be constructed with consent declined for the remaining 52 turbines. Motorimu appealed the decision arguing it needed all 129 turbines for the project to be viable. This month the Environmental Count granted Motorium permission to erect up to 80 turbines. Dr. Dave Bennett's testimony was entered into the record before the Environment Court.
8 Oct 2008

Visual and noise effects reported by residents living close to Manawatu wind farms: Preliminary results

This important paper investigates the noise and visual effects on local residents from the existing wind turbines in the Manawatu and Tararua region of New Zealand. A total of 1100 urban and rural residents, the majority living within a 3km radius of the wind farms in the Tararua and Manawatu districts were administered a self-reporting survey. The survey asked residents to assess the visual and noise effects of the closest wind farm. This paper presents preliminary results from this study. It demonstrates that 45 percent of respondents living within 2km heard noise from the turbines, and 80 percent thought that the turbines were visually intrusive.
1 Mar 2007

Documentation Related to the Proposed Bald Hills Wind Farm, Victoria, Australia

Belinda_appleton_'s_statement_of_evidence_bats_thumb Compliments of Andrew Chapman, the attached pdf files contain extensive documentation particularly with respect to the impact of wind turbines on wildlife as part of an ongoing effort to prevent the construction of the Bald Hills Wind Farm, South Gippsland, Victoria. While it has been approved by the Victorian State Government the presence in the Bald Hills area of migratory species of national and international significance that are protected by treaties with Japan and China in the Bald Hills has placed the final decision in the hands of the Federal Government. This decision is pending.
9 Mar 2006

Wind Farms: Environmental Noise Guidelines

Wind_farms_environmental_noise_guidelines_australia_thumb "This document aims to help developers, planning and enforcement authorities, other government agencies and the broader community assess environmental noise impacts from wind farms. The core objective of these guidelines is to balance the advantage of developing wind energy projects in this State with protecting the amenity of the surrounding community from adverse noise impacts. Wind farms need specific guidelines because wind turbines have unique noise generating characteristics and the environments surrounding wind farm sites usually have low ambient noise."
1 Feb 2003
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