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Anger in the wind

Speaking to the Post again yesterday, Mr Pahl said many people he spoke to last week raised concerns about issues such as the impact on local roads and property prices, as well as the accompanying lighting. "There's anger, real anger about it," he said.
20 Oct 2010

Senator wants inquiry into 'unhealthy' turbines

The Melbourne-based politician yesterday said he had met more than 25 people from the Portland district coastal area and Waubra near Ballarat who told him wind farms caused major health problems for those living near turbines. "There is an obvious cluster of health issues ranging from sleep disturbances, headaches and problems with concentration and memory," he said.
27 Jul 2010

Wind farms: a health hazard or hysteria?

There have been calls from residents and political parties for a comprehensive State Government- led investigation into this issue. Shadow planning minister Matthew Guy wants to make this an election issue. "As part of our policy, we've said that we'd certainly look at noise issues, we've said that we would look at some of those strobe lighting impacts.
7 Jul 2010

Residents rue wind farm finding

The National Health and Medical Research Council, which advises the Federal Government, found that there was no evidence that the turbines' low frequency noise or shadow flicker made people sick. But residents of Waubra in Victoria's south-west who live near the state's largest wind farm say they are sicker and they're convinced that wind turbines are to blame.
5 Jul 2010

Turbine noise no health threat

A federal government health body has dismissed claims that low-frequency noise from turbines causes health problems in people who live near wind farms. A review of published scientific literature by the National Health and Medical Research Council found that wind farms caused no direct pathological effects.
3 Jul 2010
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