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Blow to big wind in the power-market stakes

The fall in value of the world's major renewable energy companies has mirrored the faltering practical actions from the world's major economies to make deep and speedy cuts to carbon dioxide emissions. From the peak of dashed political climate-change aspirations in Copenhagen in 2009, the value of the world's major wind and solar companies has been in free fall.
5 Jan 2013

Cheap imports a blow for locals

The head of a Victorian company that manufactures giant towers for wind turbines says it could go out of business because it cannot compete with cheaper imports from Korea and China, and has called for an import tariff to protect green industries in Australia from dumping.
1 Oct 2012

Residents' group snubs wind farm forum

"Experts who have worked with the concerned citizens group, acoustic experts are unable to put their information forward under the forum that AGL have set up and so it really is a one-sided forum where they're selling their information and there's very little consideration of the community's concerns," he said.
21 Sep 2012

Wind power plan gets butchered

Grand plans for a 25 metre high wind turbine in Garfield's main strip have been rejected by Cardinia Council. ...But he said that a wind turbine would be "totally out of character" in Garfield and said that in the past, a number of applications for solar panels had also been rejected based on aesthetics.
6 Sep 2012

Hopes of slashing greenhouse emissions just blowing in the wind

His analysis shows that despite receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from green energy schemes driven by the renewable energy target, Victoria's wind-farm developments have saved virtually zero carbon dioxide emissions in the state. A forensic examination of publicly available power-supply data shows Victoria's carbon-intensive brown-coal power stations do not reduce the amount of coal they burn when wind power is available to the grid.
1 Sep 2012

University study says councils, residents have too much power in wind farm planning Save

Melbourne University research described Victoria's new planning laws as too local-centric and restrictive for wind farm development ...It criticised the two-kilometre set-back for turbines from houses and the power of local councils to make planning approval decisions on wind projects, rather than having them referred to the planning minister.
30 Aug 2012

Setbacks to stall wind farm growth

"It is considered that the nature of the proposed wind farm development will adversely and unreasonably impact on the health and amenity of the locality through noise and vibration caused by the operation and the hours or operation of the proposed wind farm development," the panel stated in council minutes.
30 Aug 2012
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